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Writing is a process. Creativity is a process. So too, is building a start-up. We've been working on our process since 2010 when we began to coalesce around the idea of what we now know as an industry called content marketing and how to give marketers better tools for success. Simply put, we believe good content is the most cost effective and efficient way to reach people, resonate with them and build a relationship. Relationships are the framework to create positive outcomes for marketers.

We also believe that business users need solutions that allow them to be creative and get results and require no technical resources to execute. We believe success begets success and so we are hyper focused on our customer's success. Lastly, we believe we have built one hell of a good content marketing platform and we believe you'll think so too if you give us a shot.

Our Management Team

Seth Lieberman
Russell Franks
Travis Finch
Director of Sales
Julie Wingerter
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Michelle Drozdowski
Senior Director of Product Development
John Lee
Senior Director of Technology

In Good Company:
SnapApp Partners and Integrations

Our success is your success. We partner with best-in-class leaders in Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, CRM and Analytics to help you maximize your marketing capability in more ways than ever before. Our deep integrations with companies like Eloqua, Marketo, ExactTarget and Hubspot mean you make the most of your existing investment and open the door to endless possibilities.

Our Advisors

David Cancel
Mike Ewing
Jeffrey Glass
Skyhook Wireless
Ann Handley
Mark Hastings
Gavin Hill Capital
Amar Kuchinad
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Rick Marini
Todd Savage
Savage Partners
Armen M. Zildjian
SaaS Sales Executive

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