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SnapApp Under Fire From Animal Rights Groups For Building A Better Mouse Trap

BOSTON, MA, April 1, 2015: A coalition of animal rights groups today announced it would be taking legal action against interactive content creation platform SnapApp for building what the rights...

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The 2015 Modern Marketing Experience

The 2015 Modern Marketing Experience Begins Now

The Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Experience (MME) kicks off this week in Las Vegas. This is Oracle Marketing Cloud’s biggest event, with over 2,500 expected attendees gathering to celebrate a year filled with top-notch marketing, innovation, and creativity. A Celebration of Marketing... Read More
2014 MarTech Unicorns, Meet 2015 MarTech… time to find out!

2014 MarTech Unicorns, Meet 2015 MarTech… time to find out!

Last year, the MarTech conference was jokingly called a “Festival of Unicorns” – where management, technology, and marketing intersect. MarTech is a vendor-agnostic forum for understanding the breadth of marketing technologies and how organizations can effectively integrate them into their... Read More
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Under the Hood: SnapApp’s Spring Release

If you're a SnapApp customer and haven’t already noticed, the SnapApp Spring Release is here! Our latest release includes some BIG changes, including a freshly organized platform and an all-new builder. Wondering what to expect the next time you login? We’ve included a list of the biggest... Read More
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More Than Quizzes: 3 Types of Interactive Content that Drive Leads

These days, when we hear about interactive content, it’s almost always in the context of the almighty quiz. Sure, quizzes are great - we live them, love them, and share them. But they’re not the be-all-end-all of interactive content. We shared three of our favorite types of interactive content... Read More


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