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billed annually

10 Pieces of Content
2 Users


billed annually

48 Pieces of Content
10 Users


Custom Pricing
billed annually

Unlimited Content
Global Marketing Teams

Add interactive video to any plan

Any interactive video package can be added on to any SnapApp license level. Learn more about interactive video here.

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billed annually

Add 15 Videos

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Add 25 Videos

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Do I need to commit to an annual contract?

In a word: Yes. Our goal is to help you be a better marketer – and we've found our customers who build SnapApp into their marketing programs across the board see much better long-term results. Signing on to SnapApp for a year gives you and your team the opportunity to experiment and optimize interactive content that works for your audience and goals, and develop an integrated, programmatic approach to interactivity. Better results = happier marketers, and happier marketers = raindrops on roses for SnapApp.

What kind of support do I get?

When you sign up for SnapApp, included in your license at no extra cost is a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will support your interactive content program throughout the life of your contract. Our CSMs get you up, running, and seeing clear value in the platform within the first 90 days, and, equally as important, set you up to make interactive content scalable for the long term. You'll learn ideation, planning, and promotion best practices that will help you achieve tangible results you can report on.

What is a User?

SnapApp Users are your company's primary platform champions. Users are provided with their own unique account logins and receive onboarding, training, support, and ideation from a dedicated Customer Success Manager. We welcome members of your team who are involved in campaign planning to join ideation discussions for a fully collaborative experience.

What if I have more than one Marketing Automation instance?

SnapApp's standard service tiers support integration with one marketing automation system. Integrating with multiple systems is supported at the Custom pricing level, which also includes the ability to use SnapApp across multiple divisions and business units.

Wait... How much content can I create?

You might have noticed the main difference between the pricing tiers is the number of content pieces you can create. This is an annual cap for your contract year, and is a shorthand for how much you plan to incorporate interactivity into your marketing programs. Over time, most of our customers end up creating more and more content as they layer interactivity into all their programs – but we know this is new territory for many marketers, and some might want to start slow. The tiers exist to help you ramp up interactive content and grow with the maturity of your content program.

Does a license come with any pre-existing templates?

One of the features that makes the SnapApp platform so powerful for marketers is that you can easily create and replicate templates to speed content creation. The platform includes the ability to set custom fonts and colors, along with full customization around look-and-feel, so your content will be on-brand and unique to you every time. The Digital Asset Library stores all your graphical elements, from buttons to backgrounds, making finding the right asset quick and easy.

What visual design elements or tools are available?

We firmly believe marketers should have complete design control over their content assets – and we want the SnapApp platform to be a one-stop-shop for content creation. To that end, every license level includes shapes and drawing tools; shading and photo filters; and the ability to apply any of 18 unique animation effects to any element.

Are my SnapApp impressions limited?

Each SnapApp license level comes with a different quantity of impressions, which historically have been enough for almost every one of our customers. In the (rare) event that you go over the impressions limit, overage pricing is spelled out in each license agreement.

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