Imagine content that really works
for your audience, your advertisers and for you.


Build amazing, interactive content that audiences love and advertisers crave.
Say goodbye to production bottlenecks and hello to creative success.

Ideate & Create

Dream-up, build and launch native advertising and sponsored content campaigns in minutes, not weeks.

Build Once, Publish Everywhere

Whether it’s your CMS, social media, mobile or email, your content works on any channel and any device.

Data-Driven ROI

Measure your success with detailed analytics and see increases of
double time-on-site and 5x pageviews.

Monetize Content
& Drive Revenue

Scale your content strategy and empower your team with creative, customizable content solutions. Whether it’s selling new native advertising, more sponsored content, lead generation or enhancing editorial, SnapApp helps maximize the value of your site
and ROI for advertisers.

Speed, Scale & Efficiency

Ideas are cheap but execution is expensive.
Create and deliver high-quality, interactive content faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. SnapApp’s content creation and publishing platform reduces the complexity and cost of delivering unique content experiences.

Out-of-the-Box Technology

SnapApp combines your workflow processes with
tactical execution. Our pixel perfect drag-and-drop creation platform is as intuitive as it is flexible and supports teams of all shapes and sizes.

Using our responsive design capabilities, your content is guaranteed to look good and perform on any device or in any window. SnapApp supports layering, templating, cloning, content scheduling, data passing, sophisticated data capture and talks to your ad server and CMS.

Supercharge your content.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Seamlessly publish your content into your CMS, social sites, mobile devices and emails.

No Development Required

Creative control with no development that supports custom CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Every piece of content can be built responsively and optimized for mobile devices.

Actionable Analytics

See what works where with real-time analytics on content performance across all channels and content types.

Ad Server/CMS Integrations

Tie your content to your CMS, ad server, analytics and more. Trigger events and callbacks based on user data, clicks and actions.

Revenue Tools

Increase page views with every click and refresh ads on the page. Integrate advertising sponsors and sell natively.