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Case Study: Metrocorp Increases Interactivity And Time-On-Site

Learn how Metrocorp was able to create and distribute over 200 pieces of interactive content and attain 1.4 million page views along with a 94% app completion rate.

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Guide: Interactive Content And The Buyer's Journey

In this guide, you will learn how interactive content can improve the buyer’s journey, work at specific stages, enhance your existing marketing mix, and help modern marketers deliver a first class experience.

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Case Study: LA Times Increases Engagement Levels

Learn how the LA Times leveraged the SnapApp platform to create over 150 different quizzes that generated a 50% click-through-rate and a 75% engagement rate.

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Case Study: Bizo Opens New Lead Generation Channels

Learn how Bizo utilized interactive content to engage with prospects on their blog by creating and distributing an array of content types including polls, surveys, and personality assessments.

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Scaling Content Marketing

Scaling content marketing is critical, but easier said than done. Interactivity is the answer, enabling marketers to create highly engaging content with limitless customization that is fast to deploy across multiple-channels and devices.

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Guiding Leads Through The Buyers' Journey

Building trust requires marketers to deliver value at each stage of the journey by creating and distributing more relevant and meaningful content experiences.

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Building Prospect Profiles

Marketers are using technology to become more effective listeners so they can better understand their future customers' pains and the needs of their target audience. Interactive content removes the guesswork of what is important and allows you to build robust, detailed, and actionable profiles.

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Generating New Leads

Generating more leads is the number one challenge for all B2B marketers. Modern marketers are increasingly using interactive content to create rich experiences that engage prospects and build dialogues.

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