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Case Study: How CEB Increased Audience Engagement and Conversion With Interactive Content

Learn how CEB used interactive content to increase audience engagement and conversion, increasing LinkedIn ad click-throughs by 54% and generating $200k in pipeline within 30 days.

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Case Study: Blackbaud Turns Conversations Into Conversions

Find out how interactive content helped Blackbaud start real dialogues with their prospects and hit 145% of Q1 sales quota.

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[Customer Story] How Jen Built Halloween Fun Into Unitrends' Marketing

Find out how SnapApp super-user Jen Reid got amazing results for Unitrends with a unique holiday campaign around interactive content.

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SnapApp: Interactive Content And The Buyer's Journey

In this interactive guide, you will learn how interactive content can improve the buyer’s journey, work at specific stages, enhance your existing marketing mix, and help modern marketers deliver a first class experience.

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Interactive Content Picker for Holiday Campaigns

What type of interactive content should you use in your holiday marketing? Answer a few quick questions to identify the perfect fit for your human-to-human campaign!

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Boost Marketing Campaigns With Interactive Content

You run many different campaigns across your marketing programs. With interactive content, you can increase campaign touchpoints, add lead scoring opportunities, and offer personalized lead nurture content to improve lead velocity and deliver more ROI. 

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Generating New Leads

Generating more leads is the number one challenge for all B2B marketers. Modern marketers are increasingly using interactive content to create rich experiences that engage prospects and build dialogues.

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SnapApp Content Marketing Solutions for B2B

Learn how creating content marketing that matters has never been easier with SnapApp's end-to-end content marketing solution for B2B marketers.

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