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Sprout Interactivity

LeadREV is the only free tool that transforms static PDF content into interactive experiences. Just drop any PDF document into LeadREV and in less than a minute create a rich experience for your readers. Easily add a lead form anywhere, get readership analytics, and expose your content for SEO.

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Nourish Your Content

  • Animate all the images and text in your PDF and add page transitions  
  • Add a custom lead form and place it anywhere - start, finish or anywhere in between
  • Make all the text in the document indexable for SEO lift
  • For the first time, get engagement and consumption analytics on your PDFs

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Analytics You Can Use

With your standard PDF, you have no idea if your reader loved it, or it’s just sitting on their desktop. With LeadREV, you’ll receive an email from the SnapApp team every Friday at noon with the number of views, leads, and the completion rate for that week and overall.

Want more data? With SnapApp’s full platform you’ll get more than 40 different metrics to track.

Go Beyond Sprouts

LeadREV by SnapApp is only the beginning of your interactive content experience. Integrated right into the SnapApp platofrm, creating interactive PDFs in one click is just your first step to exploring the full potential of interactive content and generate more leads.

The SnapApp platform is the fastest and easiest way to create, deploy, manage, and measure interactive content experiences, with seamless integration to leading marketing automation, CRM, and content management technologies.

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