We’re Unleashing the Potential in Every Marketer

SnapApp helps marketers achieve greatness and unleash their potential, not only in their marketing strategies with impactful content and campaigns, but also in their careers. We are empowering marketers to create the kinds of dynamic experiences that break through the noise and drive better results, and that ultimately helps them succeed professionally.


Founded in Watertown, MA


SnapApp Customers


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Our Culture

We Put Our Customers First

Our customers are part of the SnapApp family. Everything we do from the product to sales is about making them successful. They are our inspiration, and through our work, we hope to inspire them.

We Are One Team

We know the key to our success is creating a culture of unity. We work together, across departments, every day to share ideas openly, and learn from one another to build, market, sell, and support a great product that makes marketing better. It doesn't hurt that we hire great people.

We Are Open and Honest in Our Communication

Both physically, with our open-office environment, and psychologically, SnapApp believes in removing communication barriers so we're all on the same page.

We Aspire to Greatness

We never settle for less than our best effort and we work to inspire those we come in contact with to achieve greatness as well.

We Have Fun

From "Snappy Hour" and weekly company lunches to take-what-you-need PTO plan, we have fun! We take time to stop, relax, and have fun inside and outside of the office.

An Award Winning Tool & Company

We’re always looking for great people who want to build great things.

From sales and marketing to product development and engineering, check out our current job openings to possibly find your career move.

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