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SnapApp helps marketers achieve greatness and unleash their potential, not only in their marketing strategies with impactful content and campaigns, but also in their careers. We are empowering marketers to create the kinds of dynamic experiences that break through the noise and drive better results, and that ultimately helps them succeed professionally.



Seth Lieberman
Russell Franks
President & COO
Aaron Dun
SVP of Marketing
Greg Achenbach
VP of Product
Mark Collura
VP of Sales
Al Seeley
VP of Engineering
John Lee
Senior Director of Technology
Vanessa Porter
Director, Interactive Strategist Group
Matt Lesiczka
Director of Account Management
Melissa Nazar
Director of Content Strategy
David Cunningham
Director of Demand Generation
Matt Derman
Manager of Customer Support Services

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David Cancel
Rob Chen
Ann Handley
Mark Hastings
Providence Equity Partners
Amar Kuchinad
Bob Moesta
The Re-Wired Group
Rick Marini
Todd Savage
Savage Partners


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