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Dan Trefethen is a Content Marketing Specialist at SnapApp, and editor of the SnapApp blog. After dipping in academia for a few years and bouncing around New England, Dan switched to content writing and moved to Boston. He’s an advocate for exploring new narratives in B2B marketing.

Articles By Dan Trefethen

Answer the Question! 5 Minutes With SnapApp’s New Director of Content Strategy

With 2017 in full force, unwieldy and inescapable, we happily announce that SnapApp has a new Director of Content Strategy. Her name is Melissa Nazar, and she’s taking the reigns to ensure that we keep creating impactful and informative experiences for our modern marketing audience.  Luckily for... Read More

Creating Interactive Content: From Ideation to Sales Alignment to Promotion

There are times when content marketers, content teams, marketing teams are seemingly placed in front of an empty chalk board and then given a piece of chalk and told “Here you go. Go do the thing now, please. You know, fill up the board. Fill it up with some really interesting things. Oh, and also... Read More
How to Create Interactive Videos

Where to Place Interactive Elements in Your Marketing Videos

With video becoming more and more a regular option in B2B marketing content (and an effective one), the next evolutionary step is optimizing the medium to be even more impactful. People like video. It’s easy, familiar, visual, and can pack a lot of information into a short amount of time. There’s... Read More
What Kind of Horror Movie Character Are You?

What Kind of Horror Movie Character Are You?

“What was that noise?” “I don’t know. Should we check it out?” Horror Movie Rule Number 1: All noises must be investigated. “Gosh, it’s really dark out.” “Yeah. Should we go for a walk?” Horror Movie Rule Number 2: When a late night walk is proposed, it must be accepted. “Mike is missing.... Read More


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