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Dan Trefethen is the Content Manager at SnapApp, and editor of the SnapApp blog. After dipping in academia for a few years and bouncing around New England, Dan switched to content writing and moved to Boston. He’s an advocate for exploring new narratives in B2B marketing.

Articles By Dan Trefethen

Inside Look: The Creative Approach to an Award-Winning Content Campaign

In the fall of 2016, SnapApp published an Interactive Experience most closely related to the infographic family. It’s called Content Land: An Interactive Quest.   In the fall of 2017, we were delighted to learn that it had won a Content Marketing World award for Best Use of Interactive... Read More

[Video] 9 Totally Different Marketing & Content Leaders Share What They Learned in 2017

The close of every year usually brings with it revelations and reflections on the past 12 months.   2017 is definitely no exception. As technologies and trends continue to change, it can seem like a constant game of catch up both in a professional standpoint, but also personally in this whole “... Read More
What Kind of Horror Movie Character Are You?

Which Horror Movie Character Are You?

“What was that noise?”   “I don’t know. Should we check it out?”   Horror Movie Rule Number 1: All noises must be investigated.   “Gosh, it’s really dark out.”   “Yeah. Should we go for a walk?”   Horror Movie Rule Number 2: When a late night walk is proposed, it must be accepted.   “... Read More

What Bananas Have to Do With Your Marketing (Seriously)

In essence, B2B marketing is bananas.   End blog post.   Alright, fair, elaboration needed. It’s not that B2B marketing is silly or crazy or chaotic (although those can all be true in some contexts), it’s that B2B marketing shares a mirrored existence with bananas, the two are inter-... Read More


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