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7 Tips for Getting Your First Speaking Engagement, and How I Got Mine Thanks to Lady Gaga

Katie Martell is a marketing strategist, business advisor, and entrepreneur based in Boston, MA. She is a frequent speaker and emcee at conferences including TEDx, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs, and serves as the Co-Executive Director of Boston Content, the city's largest community of content... Read More

10 Everyday Struggles Of A Digital Marketing Team

Guest post by Dario Supan, content strategist and editor at Point Visible, a digital marketing agency. When he isn't neck deep in outreach projects and editorial calendars, you will most likely find him in the design chair, tweaking custom graphics for blog posts.   Working in creative industries... Read More

The 5 Fundamental Steps To Integrate Interactive Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

Guest post by Justin Yopp, Revenue Marketing Coach at The Pedowitz Group. @j_yopp   Full disclosure: I love interactive content and have been a SnapApp advocate for well over two years. I’ve used interactive content because I’ve seen it as an engaging approach, delivering huge value when done... Read More

From a Marketing Expert: The Millennial Impact on B2B Buying Committees Is Real

Guest post by Joe Cordo, Chief Marketing Officer at WegoWise. Joe has over 30 years in marketing experience, has led five SaaS teams, and has worked extensively in demand gen and content strategy, as well as sales and marketing alignment.   SnapApp recently published a study on generational... Read More


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