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Jessica Mehring combines sales-focused copywriting with content creation to help brands turn their content into customers and revenue. She supports content development and strategy for the SnapApp blog. Follow her on Twitter @horizonpeak

Articles By Jessica Mehring

Top 10 B2C Marketing Tactics to Use in B2B

  What comes to mind when you read the phrase “B2B marketing?”   The term “boring to boring” gets thrown out there a lot.   What marketers often forget is that businesses are made up of human beings. Don’t think for a moment that B2B marketing has to be less exciting than marketing to... Read More

27 Seriously Impactful Event Hacks Every B2B Marketer Should Know

With so much marketing happening digitally now, in-person events have taken on new meaning.   An event is a chance to grow your network, learn more about your industry and upcoming trends, meet influencers and spread the word about your brand.   An event is also an invaluable opportunity to... Read More

​What Is the Modern B2B Buying Process?

The B2B customer experience isn’t a shifting landscape anymore. It’s a whole other planet.   Your customers are relying on honest peer reviews, and they’re not fooled by 100% 5-star evaluations.   They insist on personalized communications – even when those communications are automated.  ... Read More
What Is an ROI Calculator?

What Are ROI Calculators? And How They Drive B2B Lead Generation

ROI (return on investment) calculators are not only one of the most effective content types today – they’re easier and more cost-effective than ever to create.   With no special coding skills at all, you can create a calculator that allows your target customers to see the tangible benefits of... Read More


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