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Jessica Mehring combines sales-focused copywriting with content creation to help brands turn their content into customers and revenue. She supports content development and strategy for the SnapApp blog. Follow her on Twitter @horizonpeak

Articles By Jessica Mehring

21 Interactive Marketing Examples to Inspire 2017

The new year is fast upon us ….   Is interactive content part of your 2017 marketing plans?   We sure hope so, since 93% of marketers feel that interactive content is effective in educating buyers, and 88% feel it differentiated their businesses from competitors’.   In case you need some... Read More

Niche vs General Marketing: What's the Difference?

Let me ask you a serious question. Do you want to compete with Walmart? My guess is no. Not many businesses try to compete with Walmart. Walmart stores have everything under the sun, for every kind of person … at the lowest possible prices. Successful businesses – especially successful small... Read More
Getting the most out of marketing automation emails

51 Essential Email Marketing Tips to Help Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools save marketers a lot of time – but there are so many more benefits beyond that. These tools also let us gather insights about how our subscribers are consuming and interacting with our messages. Marketing automation tools also allow us to better serve our customers by... Read More
PDFs Aren't the Only Content You Can Use for Demand Generation

19 Demand Generating Content Formats That Aren’t a PDF

PDFs have their place. They’re easy to download, send, design, and skim. Over the years, they’ve become the unofficial default for many marketers, but times are a changin. When it comes to building buzz, holding attention, and reaching new markets, PDFs can fall a little … flat. The good news is... Read More


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