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Kaleigh Moore is a writer, content strategist, and crafter of powerful stories for publications and brands. She supports content development and strategy for the SnapApp blog.

Articles By Kaleigh Moore

Once You've Found the Right Influencer for Your Vertical, Then What?

Marketers know that partnering with influencers is a smart way to reach new audiences and to drive sales. It’s social proof at work: Trusted sources make recommendations of products or services to their audiences, and then those audiences buy.   It happens to me all the time: I see an Instagram... Read More

I Signed Up for 30 Newsletters Across 6 Verticals, and This Is What I Learned

Journalistic newsletters are on the rise this year, and both media and marketing teams are looking for ways to best optimize the channel. To get a high-level view of current newsletter trends, I started an experiment. I wanted to look for styles and patterns in email newsletters and the strategies/... Read More

What I Learned by Reviewing 30 Different Welcome Emails in 30 Days

I regularly sign up for email newsletters so I can learn from brilliant companies and individuals who gather up their best material and send it right to my inbox. In fact, over the past few years, I’ve probably signed up for 350+.   But there’s a particular piece of the getting-started process... Read More

17 Creative Examples of Bottom-of-the-Funnel Marketing

Bottom of the funnel marketing helps convert potential customers into actual customers.   It does so by helping the potential buyer overcome his or her objections so the conversion happens. This type of marketing can range from case studies and videos to trials and interactive materials – they’re... Read More


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