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Kirsten Lyons

A Boston-transplant, Kirsten graduated from Emerson College in 2016. After a brief stint in the nonprofit world, she found her way to making B2B marketing magic at SnapApp. Kirsten does PR and social media for SnapApp, spending her time shouting interactive content's praises from the digital mountain tops.

Articles By Kirsten Lyons

How Interactive Content Drove 250K Visits to a Statistics Website in 2 Days

  This is a story about statistics, marketing, and how we as people understand each other. I know, that seems like a tall order for a marketing blog post, but hang with me here.   via GIPHY The statistician who bets you’re a terrible guesser   People are very poor perceptive statisticians... Read More
How to Use Micro-Influencers in Your Social Media Marketing

What Are Micro-Influencers and How Are They Different?

Influencer marketing is now a billion dollar game on Instagram, that’s right, billion with a B.   It’s because it works: influencer marketing campaigns boast some of the highest ROI metrics available to marketers today. But its effectiveness also means the price of entry can be exclusionary for... Read More
Explaining Decision Theory for Marketing

What Is Decision Theory and How Can It Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Decision theory is a multi-disciplinary area of research founded in economics and philosophy that seeks to explain how humans exercise freedom, and therefore make decisions.   From breaking down the mental process that results in human decision making to explaining why we find compromises so... Read More

How to Convince Your Boss: 7 Steps to Getting Budget Approval

Whether it’s asking for funding to attend a lesser-known conference, or a new tool/platform to add to your team’s tech stack, the skill of successfully pitching your boss is vital for career advancement.   Everyone knows successful marketers are well-rounded professionals who can point to the... Read More


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