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Kirsten Lyons

A Boston-transplant, Kirsten graduated from Emerson College in 2016. After a brief stint in the nonprofit world, she found her way to making B2B marketing magic at SnapApp. Kirsten does PR and social media for SnapApp, spending her time shouting interactive content's praises from the digital mountain tops.

Articles By Kirsten Lyons

Explaining Decision Theory for Marketing

What Is Decision Theory and How Can It Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Decision theory is a multi-disciplinary area of research founded in economics and philosophy that seeks to explain how humans exercise freedom, and therefore make decisions.   From breaking down the mental process that results in human decision making to explaining why we find compromises so... Read More

How to Convince Your Boss: 7 Steps to Getting Budget Approval

Whether it’s asking for funding to attend a lesser-known conference, or a new tool/platform to add to your team’s tech stack, the skill of successfully pitching your boss is vital for career advancement.   Everyone knows successful marketers are well-rounded professionals who can point to the... Read More

8 Refreshing Ways to Stay Creative When You’re on a Marketing Team

Thinking creatively and producing new original content is often what we sign up for when joining a marketing team. But sometimes the presence of the processes that make your team successful stifle your creative spark.   Meetings, directional strategies, reporting, emails, more meetings, ad... Read More

The Millennials Are Here: Your Move, B2B Marketers

  As a Millennial who actively works to buck the lazy and entitled stereotype (specifically at my job in marketing at SnapApp), I was nervous when I heard our new research with Heinz Marketing was focused on Millennials, assuming it would be added to the growing stack of content on the internet... Read More

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