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Matt Derman

Customer Product Services Manager

Matt Derman helps marketers achieve greatness with their interactive content everyday at SnapApp. He is a graduate of Emerson college, and he loves calzones, tabletop games, his dogs, his wife, and his baby.

Articles By Matt Derman

Scaling Interactive Content Creation: How to Create a Brand Template in 5 Easy Steps

One of the advantages of the SnapApp platform is how customizable every content experience can be. No two SnapApps (interactive content expereinces) need ever look quite alike — they can have different page sizes, layouts, color schemes, what have you. But at times, this customizability can feel a... Read More

This Time It’s Personal: How Personalization Takes Interactive Content to the Next Level

When we talk about interactive marketing content, we often use the word dialogue. The thinking goes that if traditional, static content is a monologue, delivering information to an audience without needing or even asking for their input, then interactive content is instead a dialogue since it... Read More

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