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Melissa Nazar

Melissa is director of content strategy for SnapApp, spending her days helping other marketers create more engaging content. When she is not arguing of the pros and cons of the Oxford comma, she spends her time as an aspiring snowboarder, semi-professional trivia player and occasional runner. Follow her @melnazar.

Articles By Melissa Nazar

Why Events Still Matter in a Snapchat World

At SnapApp, we’re just about at the end of our seemingly nonstop spring event season. Any given week, a chunk of folks from our Boston HQ have been off and running to distant lands, like Phoenix or Las Vegas, extolling the merits of interactive content.   Just a few more shows in these next few... Read More

Mapping Buyer Personas: How to Consider Your Audience in Multiple Dimensions

The idea of creating and using buyer personas is not new – it’s become part of B2B marketing 101. Developing them is a natural step in creating a marketing strategy. Afterall, you can’t really effectively market to your audience if you’re not sure what drives them, what they’re interested in, and... Read More

More Isn’t Always Better: Why Lead Funnel Efficiency Matters

As B2B marketers, it can seem like we’re in a constant grind to deliver more: more content, more campaigns, more leads, etc. It’s overwhelming, and it’s too easy to get into a rhythm of just churning through things – capture names, score the leads, pass to sales, check the box. Rinse and repeat.... Read More

Interactive Content Can’t Be a One-off: A Tale From the Trenches

Ever have a home run of an idea? A new concept that you got the greenlight for, put it into execution, and, while you got a some really positive results, in the end, not everyone was fully convinced? Even in my pre-SnapApp days, I knew interactive content was a great idea for B2B marketing. And it... Read More


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