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Menar Irwin

Menar Irwin is an Art Director at SnapApp.

Articles By Menar Irwin

Writer's Block? Hitting a Creative Wall? 9 Tips to Find Inspiration

Creativity Hacks: 9 Ways to Find Inspiration

We all hit walls in our creative process, especially when coming up with new ideas and executing on them are apart of our standard everyday work life. Whether your focus is more in design or writing or both, ideas on demand are tough.  Boxes are everywhere. Same with foxes. Want to be more... Read More
Struggling with Marketing Design? Just Remember C.O.R.E.

Struggling with Marketing Design? Just Remember C.O.R.E.

Design shares a lot of similarities with Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A healthy dose of experimentation takes place, some lines are crossed, and most importantly, it involves finding a balance that’s “just right.” Some prefer their porridge scalding hot or simply don’t mind that their bed was... Read More

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