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Content Marketing with SnapApp: Where Should You Start?

With all of the content marketing guides, websites, newsletters, blogs and more to choose from, what's the best way to get the content marketing information that is most relevant to you? Take our quick assessment below and we will serve up just the right piece of SnapApp Content based on your... Read More

Five Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Needs Blogger Outreach

Today's guest post comes from Kristen Matthews of the blogger outreach company, GroupHigh. Imagine you're conducting a job interview and the potential candidate talks about how skillful he or she is. You call the candidate's references and hear less than desirable evaluations. Who do you believe?... Read More

Real-Time Content Marketing and Newsjacking with Interactive Content

How do you win attention and overall mindshare online? You can rank well in search. You can ride viral lift from social word of mouth. You can pay for or earn media coverage, but achieving all three together is usually a pretty high expectation. That is, until you pair the advantages of real-time... Read More

The 5 Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes

If you use Facebook right, it can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in your company's public relations arsenal. If you use it wrong, the popular social media platform might reach nobody at all -- or worse still, reach thousands with a poorly conceived message. Make the most of your... Read More


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