Blogs that Spark Conversation

Engage Readers While Uncovering Intent

Your blog is a goldmine of engaging content that can be used as a powerful lead qualification tool—all it takes is interaction. With SnapApp, marketers can add lead-qualifying questions to their blog posts to gather key insights about their readers. These questions are determined by your sales team, using the criteria they use to qualify and score leads.

Get to Know Your Audience

Unlike most blog content, which gets consumed passively, blogs with lead-qualifying questions engage readers in a conversation while they answer questions that uncover their intent to purchase. Sales learns more about a prospect’s role, goals, challenges, and KPIs, so they can customize their follow up conversations based on the prospect’s responses.

Optimize Your Content

Dust off your old blog posts and give them new life. Add lead-qualifying questions that engage your readers and keep them consuming additional content on your blog and across your website.

Uncover Intent

Learn more about who your readers are. Use lead-qualifying questions to generate key insights about a reader’s role, their organizational goals, challenges, or budget size.

Personalize Next Steps

Showcase your company’s human side. Customize every stage of the reader’s journey by offering related content that maps back to their responses to your qualifying questions.

Use CTAs to Keep the Conversation Going

Offering a call to action in your lead-qualifying blog posts drives your audience to more engaging content based on their responses to your qualifying questions. It’s a way to extend the conversation and create more opportunities to showcase the value of your offering. After a reader completes your questions, use it to suggest a related blog post or white paper, or invite the reader to request a demo.

SnapApp enables marketers to segment their readers according to their level of intent, and reward them with personalized results that point them to the appropriate next step. For example, try concluding a blog post by asking your readers what their top goal is for the next quarter. If someone responds with, “get more MQLs,” drive them to a case study that illustrates how a similar company increased their MQL pipeline using your product. If someone responds with, “upgrade my tech stack,” invite the prospect to schedule a demo with sales.

Fuel Sales’ Follow Up Conversations

Using lead-qualifying questions ensures that the most promising prospects are routed to sales for follow up. When they know more about a prospect’s intent to buy, they can prioritize the best leads and start turning them into deals that drive revenue for your company.

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