2 Ways to Get More From Marketo With Interactive Content

November 11, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

Using Marketo for marketing automation? This post is for you.

With a software as powerful as Marketo, it seems like we’re always discovering an exciting new feature or hidden gem that makes it an even more valuable tool. But what gets us really excited about Marketo is when we can keep doing what we’re already doing in the system – but get better results.

How is that possible? It’s along the lines of “you are what you eat”: your marketing automation system is only as powerful as the content you’re feeding it.

Fueling Marketo with interactive content can boost your email open rates; spice up your landing pages; and differentiate your nurture content. Feed your system with better content – then use the data to get results.

Let’s see how:

1. More content to fuel the fire

repurpose existing content

Marketing automation is a powerful machine – but a machine that runs on content. Without a steady stream of top-notch content to fill nurture streams and guide prospects to the next step in their buying journey, marketing automation can fall flat.

Interactive content enables marketers to create more content faster. By repurposing core assets into multiple interactive experiences, marketers get more out of a single idea – and can appeal to buyers with different content consumption preferences.

Then, each asset can be piped into different Marketo nurture streams or specific campaigns tailored by persona, industry, geography, and more.

2. Integrated data to score, nurture, and segment

With all that new content comes new opportunities to make use of the power of Marketo. If you’re using an interactive content platform that integrates with Marketo, all the data you collect through your content will be passed seamlessly into the lead record to trigger workflows that score, nurture, and segment leads – making it easier to provide more valuable content down the line.

Marketo is a powerful tool to scale interactions with your prospects, but it’s not omniscient. You have to feed it the right data so it knows how and when to talk to each prospect.


Finding enough content to support your Marketo implementation doesn’t have to mean hiring an army of freelancers or in-house content creators. It can simply mean being more strategic and efficient in your creation of content – and using interactive elements to create more net-new assets faster.

Not sure how these two approaches would work with your own use of Marketo? Just ask Cisco.

Cisco Netacad has been taking this exact approach in their use of Marketo and SnapApp: creating more content more quickly and using Marketo to reach the right parts of their audience.

Want to learn more about Cisco’s solution? Join our webinar next Wednesday, November 18!


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