21 Interactive Marketing Examples to Inspire 2017

December 20, 2016 | Jessica Mehring

The new year is fast upon us ….

Is interactive content part of your 2017 marketing plans?

We sure hope so, since 93% of marketers feel that interactive content is effective in educating buyers, and 88% feel it differentiated their businesses from competitors’.

In case you need some inspiration to kick off your Q1 marketing efforts, however, your friendly neighborhood SnapApp content team is here for you. Together we’ve compiled a list of 21 interactive marketing examples to inspire and motivate you to conquer 2017 with great content.

21 Content Examples to Inspire Your 2017 Campaigns

1. Dos Equis Website

In lieu of a standard, static website, beer-maker Dos Equis has opted for a vivid interactive experience.


2. Dos Equis Beer Finder

This interactive map helps you find your preferred Dos Equis in stores, bars and restaurants near you.


3. HBO – The GOT Party

HBO used the momentum of the 2016 U.S. election cycle to promote the Game of Thrones series in a creative and rather compelling way with this interactive (fictional) election campaign.


Read more about the interactive experience here in this SnapApp post.

4. SnapApp – Content Land

Were you a big Candyland fan when you were growing up? I sure was. The colorful board game stirred my imagination much more than Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly did. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that my friends here at SnapApp created this homage.


5. Citrix – GoToMeeting MVP

This video from Citrix pits GoToMeeting users against one another to compete for Meeting MVP. Sports lovers, you’ll love this.


6. Citrix – Meeting MVP Assessment

In support of the Meeting MVP campaign above, SnapApp helped Citrix create this assessment to help you discover if your meetings make the cut.


7. Citrix – Guide to Webinar Success

Not to outdo ourselves here at SnapApp, the team here also helped Citrix create this fun, interactive graphic guide to setting up your webinar.


8. VSP Interactive Video

VSP vision insurance providers used SnapApp to create this clever interactive video that walks new users through the process of signing up for vision benefits.


9. Rosetta Stone Interactive Demos

This award-winning language-learning company knows the value of hands-on interaction. They’ve created quite an assortment of interactive content, including interactive demos throughout their website.


(Source of this screenshot.)

10. Rosetta Stone Love Languages Campaign

Rosetta Stone took their love of language to a whole new level with their Love Languages campaign.



11. Paradigm Life Financial Literacy Quiz

Paradigm Life insurance doesn’t hold back when it comes to providing helpful learning resources to their customers. This eye-opening financial literacy quiz is part of their free Infinite 101 e-course.


12. The Tree Case Studies

The case study webpages you’ll find under the Our Work section on The Tree website are interactive treats.


13. LEGO® Hour of Code

The Hour of Code™ is a worldwide event created by Code.org to introduce kids to computer programming. LEGO created a series of block-based game challenges to support the cause.


14. LEGO® Interactive Magazines

LEGO’s collection of magazines has also gone interactive.


(Source: lego)

15. Greatist + Fitbit = 34 Under 34 Interactive Experience

Greatist and Fitbit pooled their resources to create an interactive webpage highlighting the next generation of innovators who are changing how we think about health.


16. Skyword Marketing Visionary Assessment

Content production company Skyword shows you where your brand falls on the content marketing continuum with this interactive assessment.


17. Travel + Leisure – The New Gold Rush

Visit California sponsored this interactive website from Travel + Leisure … and simply watching the waves crash in the background of the opening shot is making me long for the beach.


18. The Tab Music Downlow

Spotify analyzed streaming habits of universities across the UK, then sponsored this fascinating interactive breakdown for The Tab.


19. Real Simple Hair Makeovers

In this interactive twist on the standard makeover article, Real Simple makes it easy to witness the befores and afters.



20. MyDemocracy.ca Democratic Values Assessment

This interactive assessment created by the Government of Canada allows you to draw a picture of your own democratic values and share your results with friends.


21. Chase Private Client Stories

Chase Private Client teamed up with Real Simple to bring this stirring and engaging website to life. Explore the real stories of Chase customers who embraced their passions.


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