3 Marketing Training Tips to Stay at the Top of Your Game

June 15, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

JumpropeWhen you work in marketing, it’s easy to get swept up by the latest trends and fads. After all, we always want to be the best and ahead of our competition. Yet, as the field of marketing develops and evolves, core best practices around audience, content, and engagement remain the same.

So strap on your training shoes and let’s explore 3 basic drills you should be doing all the time to make sure your marketing is at the top of its game.

1. Never Forget The Most Important Person: Your Customer

Marketers need to be customer-obsessed. Our messages need to place the customer and prospective customer front and center. By highlighting content that fits their needs and challenges, we are validating that they are the most important person.

For your training drills, review your buyer personas and make sure that your marketing targets your customers. Then map your prospects’ and customers’ experiences with your content. Review their buyer’s journey and spot any gaps.

2. Find Your Voice, With Content

Marketing for Budweiser is very different from marketing for Stella Artois, because each brand has a distinct voice and brand identity. Does your marketing match your own brand voice and identity? Are you leveraging that voice and identity in all your campaigns? Your content should match your voice — whether it’s “cute” or “advisory”, your content should support who you are.

For your training drills, review your company’s mission statement and review all collateral and social channels to ensure consistency in voice. Then try creating some smaller pieces of content like blogs, polls or quizzes that help support your brand identity.

3. Provide Value And Drive Engagement

Your content should provide value and begin a dialogue with your prospects and customers. Whether is long-form evergreen content or short blog posts, every marketer needs to ensure that their audience gets something out of the interaction. Whether it’s an assessment, ROI calculator, or white paper make sure you’re not wasting your audience’s time.

For your training drills, compare two pieces of content – your best performing and your lowest performing pieces – and explore the value the customer receives from those pieces. Then take your best performing piece and outline other engaging content you can derive from it. For example, turn it into a blog post, create a guide or infographic, develop a personality test, or try another type of content that engages your audience.

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