3 Surprising Benefits of Interactive Content

September 22, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

So you’re thinking about using interactive content.

It seems like a fun, different way to engage with your audience – a breath of fresh air after a long line of ebook after ebook.

What you might not know is that apart from being fun, interactive content also has major benefits for marketers.

In a recent webinar, Customer Success Manager Michelle Chin and I went through three reasons interactive content is getting amazing results for marketers – and how to get started with interactivity.

Here’s what we covered:

1. Interactive Calls-to-Action Get More Clicks

Most of the best practice literature about CTAs suggests using copy that communicates a value exchange for the user. Instead of saying “Download Now,” buttons that say “Get My Ebook” or “Learn Best Practices” convert at a higher rate. These “active” calls-to-action reinforce that what’s hiding on the other side of the click is worth signing up for.

While using active verbs is powerful, the next level of compelling CTAs is interactive verbs. Humans are hard-wired for interaction – words like “assess,” “compete,” “test,” and “compare,” speak to our inner drive to find our social place and learn more about ourselves and others.

Prospects are looking for two things:

  • something different
  • something valuable

Interactive calls-to-action promise a greater value in addition to being a change of pace from the everyday piece of content. Try out one of these super-compelling CTAs today and see what happens!

2. Lead Forms in Interactive Content Convert 2-3x Better

What does your lead conversion look like on a landing page?

For most marketers, it hovers around 2-5%. And from a prospect’s perspective that makes sense – many of us are reluctant to pay with our personal or professional information without being fully convinced of the value in the gated content.

That’s why interactive content converts so much better than static content: with an interactive infographic, calculator, or assessment, you’ve already provided a ton of value before the prospect ever reaches the lead form. Once there, the prospect is 2-3x more likely to provide their information in exchange for the tailored, relevant results on the other side.

3. Interactive Content Captures More & Better Data

How much data do you collect about your prospects today? If you’re using a tool like progressive profiling on forms, you might slowly start learning more about a given prospect every time they download something – but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out on a ton of potential information.

With interactive content, you can pass lead form data and question and answer data – what we call “interaction data” – into the marketing automation record for that contact, dramatically boosting the contextual intelligence you have on that lead.

That means instead of a salesperson picking up the phone and saying “Hi Sally, I see you’re a CMO – many CMOs struggle with Z, X, and Y. Does that sound like you?” that salesperson could say, “Hi Sally, I saw you filled out our assessment and your team’s performance in A and B are low – let me tell you how we help our customers with that.”

It ends up being a much more powerful conversation, accelerating the sales process and ultimately closing more business.


Interactive content is powerful stuff – from boosting click rates to gathering more data and converting more leads. And it’s not rocket science to get started: Take any of your existing content and pull out themes, concepts, and ideas that could inform an interactive experience.

Start with something simple like a poll or survey – but always think about how you could go big. Check out some examples of amazing interactive content! 

Missed the webinar? Check it out on demand!


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