33 Problems You Probably Have if You’re a B2B Marketer

March 1, 2017 | Dan Trefethen

When you work in B2B marketing, either knowingly or not, you join a certain community. In this community, we all have a certain frame of reference where our experiences overlap. Sometimes these experiences are great. Sometimes, not so great.

The point is you’re not alone. B2B marketing is tough, and when you’re in the trenches, it’s good to have some comrades to remind you that we’re all in this together.


We talked to some members of our own marketing team and our peers in the industry about what some of the everyday stumbling blocks B2B marketers experience. Let us know which of these #marketingprobz you relate to the most. And if none these apply to you, we don’t know who you are, but well done. Well. Done.

1. When I’m working, there are at least 14 browser tabs open on my desktop, every day, all day.


2. My landing page conversion rates stay between 3% and 6% no matter what I do.


3. Excepting some 15 minute gaps, my meeting calendar is booked full from 8am to 5pm – when can I get work done?


4. I just spent 20 minutes looking at stock photos. Have made 0 progress. Tweet:


5. The expected number of MQLs I need to produce always goes up. Never down. Never.


6. That white paper we worked on all quarter was published. I have no idea if people are reading it or not.


7. The printer toner is out. I need to print something. I don’t know where the toner is.


8. How does an influencer become an influencer? Are they happy?


9. The Wi-Fi is down. Everything stops. I am helpless.


10. :BEEP: “Who joined the call?”


11. Trying to make sense of our social media and if it’s translating to more leads.


12. There has to be a better way than email marketing.


13. Do people really use hashtags? #alwaysneedtocomeupwithsomethingshortandfunny


15. How can I bring [insert B2B vertical topic] to life in an engaging way?


16. How many B2B marketers does it take to make a decision?


17. “Let’s look at the competition.”


18. We forgot about that one obscure MAP rule from a year ago that’s affecting scoring now.


19. Yay! We got 600 names from a paid media campaign. Oh wait. 50% of them are gmail addresses. Tweet:


20. Should we get into podcasts?


21. If I hear the word synergy again…


22. Which kind of event swag best represents our brand?


23. Setting meetings around events – seems so easy.


24. You want me to plan WHAT for the marketing summit next week? Tweet:


25. Sure, I’ll write that blog – how long could it take?


26. B2C has all the fun.


27. Sales just DQ’d 95% of your MQLs.


28. You look at the DQ’d MQLs and realize they were right.


29. We need to communicate these three points, but to do so requires way too much copy.


30. You see a piece of content you might want to download. You go to the landing page. There’s a lead form with 12 required fields. You say to yourself “bold.”


31. “Oh, the marketing summit event is in Miami!” You then realize you’ll be inside a convention center for 13 hours of the day.


32. You just finished presenting your thorough Q2 strategy plan. You then hear “Great, what are you thinking for Q3?” Tweet: You just finish presenting your Q2 strategy plan, & you hear “Great, what are you thinking for Q3?”#marketingprobz https://ctt.ec/t5HGg+


33. I don’t read white papers, my coworkers don’t read white papers, why are we writing white papers?


34. If everything I perceive is through subjective senses, is there such a thing as objective truth?


Sorry, that last one got away from me. We’ll stick to just 33 and cut it off there. You are not alone.


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