5 Lead Generation Strategies You Probably Never Thought Of

March 15, 2017 | Jessica Mehring

Creating killer content – especially the interactive kind – is a great way to drum up leads. Adding opt-in forms in a variety of places around your website is another great tactic. So is gathering email addresses from visitors at your trade show booth, or putting a link to a landing page in your email signature …

You’ve probably heard all these ideas a hundred times, spun in different ways. They’re good ideas. They work.

But there are some ideas you probably haven’t heard yet. Ideas that can help you generate leads while getting ahead of the curve.

Read on for 5 unusual lead generation strategies you probably haven’t tried yet.

1. Remove the Anti-spam Messaging from Your Opt-in Forms

No one likes unsolicited emails, or having their personal information sold to the highest bidder. And you’re a responsible, ethical marketer, so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to add a statement like “We will never spam you” to your opt-in forms. You want to give the user peace of mind that they’re not signing away their firstborn when they give you their name and email address.

You might be surprised to find out that this will actually hurt your opt-in form conversion rates.

Michael Aagard created an experiment around anti-spam messaging in this now-famous A/B testing scenario for Bettingexpert.com. What he discovered shocked everyone.

The opt-in-box with the anti-spam statement reduced conversions by over 18%.

Amazed at the results, he ran several follow-up experiments. What he discovered is the word “spam” caused the undesirable effect.

It’s still smart to include a privacy statement on your opt-in forms – just avoid the word “spam.” Instead, choose a statement like “We guarantee your privacy. Your information will never be shared.” This one small change can increase the number of leads you get through your opt-in forms.

2. Remove the Header and Footer from Your Opt-in Landing Pages

In the world of copywriting, it’s standard practice to remove all navigational elements from a landing page to focus the reader’s attention on taking ONE action. Remove any temptation to click away from the page, and you’ll increase the odds the viewer will take the desired next step – fill out the form, click to view the product, schedule a demo, etc.

I thought this was common knowledge – until I started noticing how many businesses are not doing it.

Take the advice of this experienced copywriter and remove all headers, footers, and any other navigational elements from your landing pages. Give the viewer one single action they can take on the page.

Or if you won’t take my word for it, check this out: Fahad Muhammad considered the pros and cons of having navigation links on a landing page, and then wrote a wonderfully detailed post for Conversion XL about the results. The most important thing for you to note? When companies removed the navigation elements from their landing pages, they saw a lift in conversion rates.

3. Offer a Download Version of Your Best Blog Posts

This is such an easy thing for most marketers to do – especially with longer, more in-depth blog posts – yet so few do it.

Don’t just slap that comprehensive, high-quality blog post up on your company website and call it a day. That’s a valuable piece of content you’ve just created. Give it some room to run!

Create a downloadable version of the blog post, then add CTAs throughout the post encouraging readers to provide their email address in exchange for that copy.

We live in busy times. Not everyone has the bandwidth to sit and read a lengthy blog post. You’ll be surprised at how many people will be willing to give you their email address in exchange for a downloadable version of a well-written blog post.

It’s not just an easy content upgrade for you to add to blog posts to turn readers into leads – you’re doing the reader a favor by offering them more than one option.

4. Share Your Secrets of Success – With No Strings Attached

If you’ve been in business for a while, likely you and others at your company have learned some important lessons. Consider pulling back the curtain and sharing your knowledge with your target audience. This gives you an opportunity to be transparent and generous with your audience, and improve the relationship for the long-run.

ConvertKit is a great example of a company that does this right. They openly share the inner workings of the company in their Inside ConverKit blog series. They even reveal their numbers, metrics, and results openly. Within most of those posts is a CTA to sign up for gated content that’s related to the topic of the post.

Since the reader has grown to trust ConvertKit through the transparent and generous post, they’re a lot more likely to sign up to download that other content.

Consider pulling back the curtain and sharing your knowledge with your target audienceTweet: Consider pulling back the curtain and sharing your knowledge with your target audience https://ctt.ec/UdanA+ @snap_app

5. Host a Giveaway With Prizes Your Target Buyers Actually Care About

Studies have shown that giveaways can accelerate lead generation. Participants must give you their contact information in order to participate – so whether they win or lose, they are now more engaged with your brand. But if you’re not doing it right, the leads you generate will be all but useless to your marketing efforts or to your sales team.

Before you create your giveaway campaign, take a good hard look at your target audience. What prize would they actually want?

Where many marketers go wrong is they start by thinking of what they have to offer – branded t-shirts, extended trials of software, etc. Instead, start by thinking of your customer, what their everyday lives are like, and what they could actually benefit from. Then make that the giveaway prize.

This giveaway from online course-building software company, Thinkific, is a great example. Not only are they giving away a year’s worth of their software, but they’re including training and hands-on assistance so the winner can actually use the software make money.

Thinkific’s target audience wants a single solution to create, market, and sell their online course. These people don’t have enterprise-sized budgets to work with, and they’re likely somewhat inexperienced at building an online course. This giveaway package hits the nail on the head.

Small Efforts That Show Big Results

Traditional lead-generation techniques are all well and good. Many of them still work today. To get ahead of your competition, however, you’ve got to do things your competition isn’t doing. The 5 ideas you just read should get you started.



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