5 Minutes With SnapApp's New SVP of Sales

5 Minutes With SnapApp's New SVP of Sales

Dan Trefethen 4/8/16

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As we proudly announced at the end of March that SnapApp added three new key members to the leadership team, we would like to take five minutes to introduce you to each one. 

We started with Senior Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Dun, and his view on the future of marketing. Today’s five minutes is with Senior Vice President of Sales, Matt Carey

Learn about his tech sales background, how buyers know more about companies now than ever before, and what sales teams need to prioritize.

Q. What does your sales road to this point look like? 

I’ve always been in tech sales starting my career selling dial-up Internet access and long-distance service after graduating college. I entered the startup world in early 2000 with Silverback Technologies, which was a SaaS company, but at the time the category was more commonly called ASP. I did a few different startups that were all acquired.

Eventually I was snatched up by Oracle and made my way up to VP of Sales, running national and emerging markets. So Oracle is of course pretty big and my intention was always to return to startups after learning what a large sales machine like Oracle had to offer.

I wanted to gain insight and get a strong grasp of sales in the fortune 500 world, and bring that experience to startups. After a relocation to Texas and a few promotions, it took a little longer than expected, but I made the return after moving back home to Boston.

Q. What’s the most exciting thing about leading a sales team? 

For me it’s mostly on a personal level. I really enjoy the process of coaching people, helping someone get to the next level, always encouraging upward progression. When past employees get in touch with me about applying techniques and best practices we went over together and really getting success from them – that’s the fun part. 

Also leading a sales team in the startup space for a rapidly growing company really lets you see the impact of new messaging and direction. You’re much closer to the customers and business, which creates a real positive energy. 

Q. What aspects of SnapApp most appealed to you?

A few things. First, the product and company mission of creating more engagement and building dialogues to drive high quality leads really spoke to me. Having the possibilities that SnapApp gives sales and marketing teams would have been a huge help in my previous roles – more insight into prospects and much more participation from them.

Another aspect is that the marketing technology space right now is really exciting. There’s so much room for innovation and expansion. And being apart of that is really fun. Especially being able to come back to Boston where the sort of next wave of the martech community is happening. Boston has really become a hub for the industry. 

Q. In just a sentence or two, how would you describe SnapApp’s company culture?

It’s definitely an outgoing and fun bunch. There’s an attitude of wanting to make the best experience possible for our customers, whatever it takes.

Q. What do you see as the current obstacles for increasing sales? What’s the future? 

I think just the way the buyer landscape has changed. Prospects know more about us now than they ever have before. 80% of sales process happens before a sales representative is involved. 

Sales has to have an increasingly competitive tech stack that is well aligned and creates a clean line of communication. You combine that with really great, resonating content, then you can have relevant and effective conversations with prospects without having to do tons of fact finding.

So it’s really important for marketing and sales teams to embrace new technologies and explore new initiatives to getting high quality leads. 

Quick Fire Round

Q. Favorite travel destination?

Martha’s Vineyard. We go there every summer with the kids and we always have a great time. 

Q. Last movie you really liked?

Spotlight. They actually had good Boston accents. 

Q. Last album purchased? 

The Decemberists - What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful world, and The New Basement Tapes

Q. Extracurricular activities?

Like a true New Englander I ski in the winter and fish in the summer and also get out on my bike as much as possible, but I’m a fair weather rider.

Q. Last book read?

I just finished 10% Happier, By Dan Harris, and am currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Learn more about our other new team leaders that are taking SnapApp to the next level. Stay tuned for our five minutes with our new VP of Engineering, Al Seeley, soon!

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