5 Reasons Why Calculators Are A Valuable Piece of Your Marketing Pi

March 11, 2016 | Caitlin Smith

Monday is Pi Day! No, not the dessert. This one: 


As someone with a degree in math, I’ve been known to throw a celebration or two for this beloved holiday. Therefore, it may come as little surprise that my favorite SnapApp content type is a calculator! They’re so powerful!

Let me tell you why:

1. You get all the benefits of a survey or assessment

Calculators are question-based, so prospects will be filling out answers as they progress. Questions can be directly tied to equations and work towards creating the customer’s unique numeric result.

But they don’t have to: in addition to the questions informing the calculation, you can ask questions that help you qualify the lead or engage the person to interact with the content. The possibilities are endless!

2. Calculators instantly show the value of your product/service

With an assessment or survey, the result may simply be to benefit your customer. It’s something that will entice them to fill out their information. Maybe they want to see which superhero they are, or which personality they align with at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

With a calculator, however, the result is proving your company’s value. The customer is entering their information, but the result is showing them why they need you! What’s more powerful than that?

3. Get instant insight into the prospect’s company

The questions you ask in a calculator will likely give you more information about a prospective company than any other content type. You’re finding out how much money they’re spending, how much they want to save, the size of their company, etc. You instantly know whether this person falls into your target area. Sure, they might contact you after seeing their results, but if not, you can strengthen your sales targeting by knowing the value you’ll provide them in advance.

4. Immediate and enticing results drive lead generation

Who doesn’t want to see how much money they can save? While finding out what personality you align with is fun, seeing savings is addicting!

Like all content types, you can lead-gate the results in calculators. Not only will you be gaining leads, but those leads will already be qualified by providing specific pricing points. The person filling out the calculator is interested in saving money in your realm of business.

5. They’re getting a makeover!

Calculators are one of the most popular content types in the SnapApp platform, so as a Product Manager I’m excited to announce we’re dedicating a whole release to them later this year. Enhancements include placing equation results on any page, a re-calculate button, the ability to build a one-page calculator (with lead gating), and more! Stay tuned!

If you have other suggestions or questions about calculators, feel free to let the product team know! You can also fill out this Feedback SnapApp or join our next workshop on April 7th




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