7 Awesome SnapApp Blogs on Content Repurposing (+2 Bonus)

7 Awesome SnapApp Blogs on Content Repurposing (+2 Bonus)

A big part of creating effective content and scaling production is to get the most out of every asset. Whether it’s a blog post, ebook, webinar, or event presentations, there are multiple opportunities to repurpose that hard work.

To really highlight our advocacy on content repurposing, we’ve collected seven (plus two bonus) stand-out SnapApp posts on the subject. Hopefully this will work as a miniature library for you to browse and explore.

If you’re a content creator or a demand gen marketer looking to scale and boost campaign production, this list is for you.

Understanding Content Repurposing and Approach

1. Repurpose Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Extend Your Long-Form Content

Before jumping right into your first repurposing project, it’s best to understand the general framework. Content repurposing, broadly speaking, is made of three different methods: atomization, aggregation, and amplification.


2. 3 Ways Clever Marketers Repurpose Content

Straight from the experts themselves, we cover three different techniques used by successful marketers. The three repurposing mantras are: The Skyscraper Technique, The Heart of Content, Rinse and Repeat.

3. How to Generate More Engagement (Without Creating More Content)

You have a backlog of content, some may be just a few month old, some may be a few years old. Either way, a lot of work went into that content and it shouldn’t be just forgotten. This article covers historical optimization, thinking evergreen, syndication, and re-promoting.

Repurposing With Interactive Content

4. 6 Steps for Repurposing Your Static Content into Interactive Marketing

Turning your static content assets interactive is a powerful approach to creating multi-format options and boosting conversion rates by 2-3x. This article walks you through the possibilities and execution of getting started.

5. How Element Fleet Used Interactive Content to Engage, Educate, and Entertain Their Audience

Want to see an actual case study in how B2B companies have launched interactive campaigns around repurposed content? See exactly that with an in depth walk-through of a campaign by Element Fleet’s marketing team.


Putting Into Practice

6. 4 Simple Rules for Creating Interactive Content

If you’re looking for more insight about turning static content interactive, we covered four basic principles here – for both content creators and demand gen marketers.


7. How Confident Marketers Are Using Interactive Content to Build Multi-Touch Campaigns

Why do we need so much content, anyway? Well, the more content variety you create, the more touchpoints you can offer your audience. The more touchpoints, the more scoring opportunities, the more scoring opportunities… well, you’ll just have to click the article.

Bonus Articles

Hacking Audience Attention Spans With Interactivity

Why so much talk about about repurposing content with interactivity? That’s how you grab audience attention.

Take Your Infographics from Eye-Catching to Engaging in 4 Steps

Have an infographic? Need to get more engagement out of it? Check out these four steps for making your infographics interactive.


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