7 Kinds of Interactive Content that Generate Leads

March 2, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

For marketers, it can sometimes feel like our lead generation targets keep going up and up. How do we keep pace with the rising demand for qualified, sales-ready leads?

There are a few ways interactive content can help boost lead generation. In fact, over at the Pardot blog, we’ve pulled together seven kinds of interactive content that generate leads.

1. Quizzes

No longer just the domain of women’s magazines and Buzzfeed puff pieces, quizzes are now serious business for the B2B marketer. Particularly at the top of the funnel, marketers are using quizzes as a way to draw prospects in and start a dialogue.

2. Assessments

As marketers, we are able to use these insights to better target and market to our prospects. Assessments also provide a great opportunity to showcase our own product knowledge or solution in a more engaging and compelling format.

3. Surveys

We all love to share our ideas. As marketers, let’s embrace that human instinct and use it to drive leads. Rather than just stating the benefits of your product or service, why not ask your prospects to rank their top three problems, or share their idea for a new feature?

4. Calculators

As marketers, providing prospects with an easy way to calculate the ROI they would receive by purchasing your product is high-value, high-impact.

5. Contests

Like the quiz, contests are no longer just for consumer brands. Contests come in all formats, but our favorites are based on user-generated content: upload a video, a selfie, a tagline….You provide the concept — your prospects provide the material.

6. Interactive Infographics

Rather than just words and pictures on a page, there are benchmarking opportunities, questions and results, and an opportunity to tailor the experience by how the reader responds to these questions.

7. Interactive White Papers

The interactive white paper is a new spin on one of B2B marketing’s most important types of content, layering in the same “information exchange” available in quizzes, calculators, and surveys.

Dive deeper into each of these content types in our guest post at Pardot.

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