75 Interactive Infographic Examples to Inspire Your Content Team

February 16, 2017 | Robbie Richards

Infographics saw the the biggest increase in use of any content type among B2B marketers in 2016, increasing from 50% to 58%. And, for good reason. Infographics provide the perfect vehicle to present complex information in a concise, engaging and easy-to-understand way.

But, over the last few years marketers have been producing and promoting infographics at an increasing rate. This surge of activity has saturated the market. If you can think it, there is an infographic to explain it, probably a hundred times over.

The problem:

Many of the graphics are poorly designed, contain little or no interesting data and are used by many for nothing less than shameless self-promotion.

With so much noise, the lifespan and effectiveness of static infographics has been steadily declining over the last 2-3 years.

Enter interactive infographics.

A visual content type that takes the power of the conventional infographic, and adds an element of dialogue between your brand and audience.

Whether you’re looking to launch an interactive infographic or find inspiration for an upcoming campaign, this list of examples is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

75 Best Interactive Infographics From Across The Web

Below you will find 75 of the best interactive infographics from across the web, covering everything from population health to Bloomberg billionaires. Each example includes a title, screenshot, brief topical description and unique design element you can model in your own visuals. Enjoy!

#1. You vs. John Paulson

The first interactive infographic on our list is a riot. It tells you how long it takes John Paulson, a multi-billionaire super-trader, to make your annual income. If it takes him more than five seconds, you’re ahead of the curve.

[ view graphic ]

You vs. John Paulson - Interactive Infographic

#2. Millennials Coming of Age

Millennials are poised to reshape the economy. This interactive infographic explores who they are and their potential purchasing power. Will this generation change the ways we buy and sell? Will they force companies to examine how they do business for decades to come?

[ view graphic ]

Millennials Coming of Age - Interactive Infographic

#3. World In Motion

Explore how GE is inventing the next industrial era to move, power, build and cure the world.

[ view graphic ]

World In Motion - Interactive Infographic

Want to up your demand gen game?

#4. Inforacing: 2015 Season

Ferrari’s interactive infographic (AKA Inforacing) is a fun way to tell the story of the 2015 Formula1 season details, countries raced in and the campions.

[ view graphic ]

Inforacing: 2015 Season - Interactive Infographic

#5. The Seas of Plastic

Interact with the globe’s accumulation of marine floating debris originated from highly populated coastal regions

[ view graphic ]

The Seas of Plastic - Interactive Infographic

#6. Music Map

Musicmap attempts to provide the ultimate genealogy of popular music genres, including their relations and history. It is the result of more than seven years of research with over 200 listed sources and cross examination of many other visual genealogies.

[ view graphic ]

Music Map - Interactive Infographic

#7. A Spacecraft for All: The Journey of the ISEE-3

Launch into space with a Chrome Experiment that follows the entire 36-year- long odyssey of the ISEE-3. See its entire path as an interactive documentary, read its instruments, and view its live trajectory and position as it flies through interplanetary space.

[ view graphic ]

A Spacecraft for All: The Journey of the ISEE-3 - Interactive Infographic

#8. Inequality Is Fixable

Created by The Economic Policy Institute, this interactive information graphic tells the story that the economy is suffering no matter how high the stock market soars.

[ view graphic ]

Inequality Is Fixable - Interactive Infographic

#9. How Americans Die

Americans die in smaller portions each year, but what kills us is changing. Navigate through this visual data, from the seventies to the 2000’s to better understand mortality.

[ view graphic ]

How Americans Die - Interactive Infographic

#10. Population Health

Athenahealth and The Atlantic explore three locales that are reshaping the health-care system with a new approach.

[ view graphic ]

Population Health - Interactive Infographic

#11. Joho’s Bean

An extraordinary multimedia adventure transporting you to the origin of their coffee.

[ view graphic ]

Joho’s Bean - Interactive Infographic

#12. Ocean trench: Take a dive 11,000m down

Only three explorers have made the epic journey there: 11km (seven miles) down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. As a new wave of deep-sea exploration begins, take a look at the mysterious world that they will be plunging into.

[ view graphic ]

Ocean trench: Take a dive 11,000m down - Interactive Infographic

#13. The enlightened happy hour

This interactive graphic helps you make smarter decisions about what you drink during happy hour, based on calories and alcohol content. A clever use of video places you right at the bar as you pick drinks, learn about their ingredients, and what it is adding to your wasteline. You might be surprised!

[ view graphic ]

The enlightened happy hour - Interactive Infographic

#14. Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

Why do people love infographics so much? This graphic uses a number of different interactive elements and visual cues to keep the reader engaged and draw you down the page. The “information overload” graphic is a definite eye-catcher.

[ view graphic ]

Why Your Brain Craves Infographics - Interactive Infographic

#15. 200 Years of Immigration to the U.S.

This one shows you how many immigrants gained lawful permanent residency in the US in the last 200 years, broken down by country.

[ view graphic ]

200 Years of Immigration to the U.S. - Interactive Infographic

#16. How Search Works

A breakdown of how Google brings you search results. The interactive elements in the graphic act as visual cues that move you through the content, making an otherwise technical and complex topic, surprisingly simple.

[ view graphic ]

How Search Works - Interactive Infographic

#17. The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

The title says it all: “Great minds don’t think alike”. The graphic provides a visual overview of how thr world’s most original artists, writer’s and musicians structure their days. You’ll see how people like Pablo Picasso experience their greatest periods of creativity between the hours of 3-10:30pm, while Mozart found inspiration while most people were sleeping.

[ view graphic ]

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People - Interactive Infographic

#18. The Console Evolution

An awesome infographic that shows how video game consoles have evolved over time, including units sold, prices, and fun facts. Take an interactive journey and learn about the all-time favorites – Atari, Dreamcast, Nintendo, Play Station, Gamecube and more. The graphic also has some gamification elements (like “push to start” and a progress bar) to move you along the timeline.

[ view graphic ]

The Console Evolution - Interactive Infographic

#19. The Evolution of the Web

This one is like the console evolution, but for the internet. They take an incredibly complex amount of information and break it down into a visually pleasing, color coordinated chart. Again, the use of “Read more” buttons allows you to hide the complexity and only show the user what they want to see.

[ view graphic ]

The Evolution of the Web - Interactive Infographic

#20. Beneath the Thinking Cap

An interactive infographic that shows how the brain works. The picture of the brain looks like something you might see in the old Tony Hawk Skateboarding games. It’s really interesting when you are able to click on different parts of the brain to see what each is responsible for. The graphic also provides additional fun facts to add further context about the function of each part of the brain.

[ view graphic ]

Beneath the Thinking Cap - Interactive Infographic

#21. What the Internet Thinks About

A fascinating display of the internet’s most liked and linked articles. You can click on each topical area to drill down further to the article.

[ view graphic ]

What the Internet Thinks About - Interactive Infographic

#22. The Evolution of Western Dance Music

This is an interactive map provides an historical view of how different types of music have spread across the globe over time. From R&B and pop to breakbeat and blues, this is a must-see for every music fan.

[ view graphic ]

The Evolution of Western Dance Music - Interactive Infographic

#23. Scaled in Miles

This interactive infographic takes a look at the history of Miles Davis’ career, as well as his collaborations, according to his recording sessions as documented by the Jazz Discography Project. Davis was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. He’s among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th century music.

[ view graphic ]

Scaled in Miles - Interactive Infographic

#24. How to Eat an Artichoke

This is a great example of supplementing SEO with interactive content. The long-tail phrase “How to cook artichokes” gets over 12,000 searches per month, and the article housing this interactive infographic was able to land a #1 ranking for it! By embedding a linkable asset like this on your page you increase the inkability of the content, and it’s ability to rank in the search engines. You’ll never eat artichokes the same after you see this (or maybe you’ll try one for the first time).

[ view graphic ]

How to Eat an Artichoke - Interactive Infographic

#25. The New York City Skyline

It’s no secret New York city boasts one of the most impressive skylines on the planet. But, it’s a skyline that is rapidly changing, as this interactive infographic by National Geographic shows. Scroll through the city, click on famous city landmarks, and discover which new skyscrapers are under construction and scheduled for construction in 2020.

[ view graphic ]

The New York City Skyline - Interactive Infographic

#26. Will a Robot Take Your Job?

Technology is changing the job force. One of the driving catalysts of this change is automation. This animated infographic provides a personalized insight into the likelihood that your job will become automated. Simply type your job title and hit enter. Give it a try!

[ view graphic ]

Will a Robot Take Your Job? - Interactive Infographic

#27. What’s Your Pay Gap?

Pay equality is a big issue in today’s workforce. In many professions men still get paid higher salaries for comparable positions. This interactive infographic published in the Wall Street Journal shows the pay gap between genders in over 450 different kinds of jobs.

[ view graphic ]

What's Your Pay Gap? - Interactive Infographic

#28. The Future of Car Sharing

In 2009, for the first time, the number of Americans ditching their car was greater than the number purchasing new ones? This graphic literally puts you in the driver seat, navigating through a landscape of car sharing statistics.

[ view graphic ]

The Future of Car Sharing - Interactive Infographic

#29. True Fish Tales

This interactive webpage takes you around the globe highlighting fishing records in dozens of countries. From walking catfish to goliath tiger fish, this is a must-see for any fishing enthusiast.

[ view graphic ]

True Fish Tales - Interactive Infographic

#30. How Many Households Are Like Yours?

How common is your household structure? This interactive webpage lets you select from a few defining criteria and get a personalized overview of where your family sits in terms household income and other demographic categories.

[ view graphic ]

How Many Households Are Like Yours? - Interactive Infographic

#31. Bond – License to Drive

If you’re a fan of the James Bond movies, you’ll love this. From 1962 to 2015, this page reveals every car Mr. Bond has ever driven.

[ view graphic ]

Bond: License to Drive - Interactive Infographic

#32. Inception Explained

If you’ve ever seen the movie Inception, you’ve probably had your mind blown. What is reality? Are dreams real? Who really knows? This infographic has a few answers for you. Again, targeting movie buffs is a great idea!

[ view graphic ]

Inception Explained - Interactive Infographic

#33. Winter is coming. What’s your plan?

This is a simple example of an interactive infographic recently created by a SnapApp customer. It walks the user through a series of proactive home maintenance tips, and finishes with a call-to-action to get a customized winter maintenance plan. A great example of how to use interactive content to better engage your audience and generate qualified business leads.

[ view graphic ]

Winter is coming. What's your plan? - Interactive Infographic

#34. If you printed all the Instagram photos uploaded in a year, how far would they reach?

This is one of the best data visualizations I’ve ever seen. CEWE Photoworld’s interactive webpage will have you travelling at 3,000km/hr passing international space stations on your way to the height of the 21.9 billion Instagram photos uploaded every year.

[ view graphic ]

Instagram photos uploaded in a year - Interactive Infographic

#35. The careers of the founders

How did the greatest founders start out? What were their greatest successes and failures? This interactives shows the careers of 33 insprirations founders, and the different paths they took to the top.

[ view graphic ]

The careers of the founders - Interactive Infographic

#36. Hungry Tech Giants

This interactive webpage compares the acquisition strategies of 5 different tech giants – Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook – over the last 15 years. Acquisitions span various sectors, including mobile, search, e-commerce and more. You can filter by type, and view the entire acquisition history for each company.

[ view graphic ]

Hungry Tech Giants - Interactive Infographic

#37. Ventures of the PayPal Mafia

This interactive graphic takes you behind the scene and looks at the dons who run Silicon Valley – the PayPal mafia. Between them, they have founded, funded and advised some of the world’s largest tech firms, including Tesla, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and more.

[ view graphic ]

Ventures of the PayPal Mafia - Interactive Infographic

#38. Bloomberg Billionaires

This Bloomberg infographic takes a close look at the richest people from around the world. It allows you to filter the billionaires by industry, geographic location, age and source of wealth.

[ view graphic ]

Bloomberg Billionaires - Interactive Infographic

#39. Gay Rights in US, state by state

This graphic from The Guardian takes a controversial topic and breaks it down into granular detail. It shows how same-sex marriages are treated in each state across a range of areas such as employment, housing, education and hospital visitation.

[ view graphic ]

Gay Rights in US, state by state - Interactive Infographic

#40. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Visualization of Drone Strikes in Pakistan Since 2004

This is infographic created by Pitch Interactive will provoke a strong emotional response. It highlights the ineffectiveness of drone strikes in Pakistan, showing the number of target to civilian deaths for each strike.

[ view graphic ]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Interactive Infographic

#41. What The World Eats

This graphic from National Geographic shows the food breakdown and calorie consumption for people in different countries around the world. Americans rank 4th globally in per person calorie intake and consume two and a half times as much vegetable oil as they did 50 years ago.

[ view graphic ]

What The World Eats - Interactive Infographic

#42. Mailchimp 2015 Annual Report

Mailchimp does a great job at delivering engaging reports every year. This scrolling graphic effectively captures the massive volume of email activity running through their platform every year. It also provides a personal element, taking you behind the scenes to reveal the people running the company, their coffee drinking habits, R&D commitments and more. Super interesting!

[ view graphic ]

Mailchimp 2015 Annual Report - Interactive Infographic

#43. What’s the world scared of?

The Guardian has produced an interactive graphic that looks at the top concerns by country. Climate change, ISIS, global economic stability, cyber attacks and Chinese territorial disputes are few of the topics ranked by threat-level across each country.

[ view graphic ]

What's the world scared of? - Interactive Infographic

#44. How You Will Die

This interactive graphic from the team at FlowingData lets you input age, race and gender information to see the most common causes of death at different stages in your life.

[ view graphic ]

How You Will Die - Interactive Infographic

#45. Worker’s Comp Benefits: How Much is a Limb Worth?

Did you know there is actually a price tag on each of your limbs when it comes to a worker’s Compensation claim? This interactive infographic from ProPublica takes a look at the maximum compensation amounts per limb in each state in the US.

[ view graphic ]

Worker's Comp Benefits - Interactive Infographic

#46. The Most Timeless Songs of All Time

The team at PolyGraph used Spotify data to visualize the most popular songs by decade and genre. Want to know the most remembered songs from each decade, or the most-played rap hits by artist? This interactive infographic has it all.

[ view graphic ]

The Most Timeless Songs of All Time - Interactive Infographic

#47. 1001 Blistering Future Summers

This interactive infographic from Climate Central allows you to enter the city where you live and find out what the summers will be like there in the year 2100. If it feels hot now, imagine a time when Boston summers start feeling like Miami heatwaves.

[ view graphic ]

1001 Blistering Future Summers - Interactive Infographic

#48. Mapping Student Debt

National student loan debt is fast approaching $1.5 trillion in the United States. This interactive debt map from the Washington Center of Equitable Growth highlights the burden of this epidemic across each area of the country. Enter your zip code and see stats around loan amounts and delinquency in your area.

[ view graphic ]

Mapping Student Debt - Interactive Infographic

#49. The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

Slate provides an eye-opening data visualization around the Atlantic Slave Trade. Usually, when people refer to the American Slave trade you think of US colonies. But, as you’ll see in this graphic, of the more than 10 million enslaved Africans to eventually reach the Western Hemisphere, less than 4% came to North America. This number is dwarfed by the 4.8 million brought to Brazil.

[ view graphic ]

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes - Interactive Infographic

#50. The Ultimate Tale of the Tape

Bwin created this interactive infographic to promote the main event boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. It covers all the key stats and builds a ton of anticipation for the fight.

[ view graphic ]

The Ultimate Tale of the Tape - Interactive Infographic

#51. Why You Need to Invest in Employee Referrals

This isn’t your average blog post with a pile of graphs and data. LinkedIn has delivered hands-on interactive experience highlights trends and stats that show how important employee referrals in the recruiting process.

[ view graphic ]

Why You Need to Invest in Employee Referrals - Interactive Infographic

#52. Perceptions of Perfection

This interactive piece from SuperDrug proves your graphics don’t have to be super complex to be successful. The article has received links from over 800 different referring domains. By clicking through a few different countries, you can quickly see how the perception changes geographically.

[ view graphic ]

Perceptions of Perfection - Interactive Infographic

#53. The First World War

The Guardian presents the story of WWI voiced by 10 historians from around the world.

[ view graphic ]

The First World War - Interactive Infographic

#54. A 3 dimensional approach to website testing

Webby Monks have identified web testing as a major challenge for most companies, given the growing number of browsers, resolutions and operating systems. To crack this challenge, Monks come up with an interesting infographic that aims at resolving the ever unsolved website testing conundrum with a 3 dimensional approach!

[ view graphic ]

A 3 dimensional approach to website testing - Interactive Infographic

#55. Evolution of Insight

Learn about the story of market research from its earliest tabulations to the insight communities of today and beyond.

[ view graphic ]

Evolution of Insight - Interactive Infographic

#56. The dude map: How Americans refer to their bros

“It seems safe to report that dude has supplanted totally as the word most often uttered by American youth,” claimed Richard Hill in his 1994 paper on the history of the word “dude.” That might be true, but as it turns out, “dude” is more popular in some parts of the United States than others.

[ view graphic ]

The dude map: How Americans refer to their bros - Interactive Infographic

#57. World’s Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks

Data visualization of the world biggest data breaches, leaks and hacks. You can also safely check if your details have been compromised in any recent data breaches

[ view graphic ]

World’s Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks - Interactive Infographic

#58. Diversity in Tech

From Amazon to Yahoo, this interactive infographic ranks tech brands for diversity of employees by race and gender.

[ view graphic ]

Diversity in Tech - Interactive Infographic

#59. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

R2D3 provides a beautiful presentation about Machine Learning using data sets about homes from New York to San Francisco.

[ view graphic ]

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning - Interactive Infographic

#60. Dark Data – The Data that Lies Beneath

This interactive infographic reveals the scale and true cost of dark data, and how brands can tap into the huge potential it provides.

[ view graphic ]

Dark Data - The Data that Lies Beneath - Interactive Infographic

#61. Hate Map

This interactive map details hateful tweets about homophobic, racist and disability in the United States.

[ view graphic ]

Hate Map - Interactive Infographic

#62. Parable of the Polygons

A playable post on how harmless choices can make a harmful world.

[ view graphic ]

Parable of the Polygons - Interactive Infographic

#63. Beer Stats

The Big Album of Beers has consumed 1045 different beers from 487 breweries located in 63 countries over a period of 4 years and 4 months. This interactive infographic breaks down this journey by country, beer type and brewery.

[ view graphic ]

Beer Stats - Interactive Infographic

#64. The Most Valuable Fantasy Football Players of the Last Decade

Interactive Stats of top players overall (active players only), top players by position, and the top teams. This interactive infographic is also unique as it is designed for mobile consumption.

[ view graphic ]

The Most Valuable Fantasy Football Players of the Last Decade - Interactive Infographic

#65. How Home Value Compares to Income in the US

An interactive map detailing the geographic trends of how home value compares to income in each county in the United States.

[ view graphic ]

How Home Value Compares to Income in the US - Interactive Infographic

#66. 115 Years of American Homes

Take a trip through the years to see the evolution of American homes as well as cars and technology.

[ view graphic ]

115 Years of American Homes - Interactive Infographic

#67. The Russia Left Behind

The New York Times presents an interactive journey through the heartland of Russia on the slow road to ruin.

[ view graphic ]

The Russia Left Behind - Interactive Infographic

#68. The Scale of the Universe

Deep dive into inner-space and outer-space. Explore the scale of the universe with an up close look or pan out to see the big picture.

[ view graphic ]

The Scale of the Universe - Interactive Infographic

#69. Ellis Island Immigration Tour

Follow in footsteps of more than 12 million immigrants through Ellis Island ImmigrationStation between the years of 1892 and 1954.

[ view graphic ]

Ellis Island Immigration Tour - Interactive Infographic

#70. How Electric Cars Work

This unique interactive infographic adds animation with interactive 3D views detailing how electric cars work.

[ view graphic ]

How Electric Cars Work - Interactive Infographic

#71. 45 Words to help you understand HIV/AIDS

The health industry is full of acronyms, slang, and terminology. These 45 most commonly used HIV/Aids terms and lingos will help you get a better understand conditions.

[ view graphic ]

45 Words to help you understand HIV/AIDS - Interactive Infographic

#72. Breathing Earth

If you want to see something fascinating and depressing at the same time, watch this infographic for a couple minutes. It shows you how many people are born and die, as well as how much CO2 is omited, in real time. In just four minutes, almost 1000 people have been born, and 400 died.

[ view graphic ]

Breathing Earth - Interactive Infographic

#73. How to Build a Human

This animated infographic shows how people are formed from embreyo to birth. An interesting conveyor belt of human evolution.

[ view graphic ]

How to Build a Human - Interactive Infographic

#74. How a Car Engine Works

This animated infographic explains how a car engine works. It provides an x-ray view, using simple repetition and motions to simplify an otherwise complex topic. Animation doesn’t have to be super complex to be helpful.

[ view graphic ]

How a Car Engine Works - Interactive Infographic

#75. Eastern Tennessee

A well-designed popup interactive infographic showing fun facts and things to do in Eastern Tennessee. Gears, cars, and other moving parts are used to beautifully display various interesting facts and statistics about the area.

[ view graphic ]

Eastern Tennessee - Interactive Infographic

Are you ready to create your next interactive infographic?

Interactive infographics provide a powerful vehicle to cut through the noise, better engage your audience and capture more qualified leads.

Hopefully this extensive list of examples has given you loads of design inspiration and ideas.

If we missed any, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to take a look

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