Wrapping up SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2016

Wrapping up SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2016

Aaron Dun 6/7/16

Another year, and another SiriusDecisions behind us! More than 2,500 marketers of all types descended upon Nashville, TN for four days at the end of May for the eleventh annual SiriusDecisions Summit.

The event, which draws in representatives from across a wide variety of industries, aims to share insights and proven methodologies to help shape new business initiatives and marketing and sales solutions.  

This was my first time attending, despite wanting to go for many years. A combination of schedule, cost, and time always seemed to get in the way. But this year, since SnapApp was sponsoring the show, I got to attend both as an attendee, but also as an exhibitor.

The conference did not disappoint.

Over the course of the three days I was there, I was able to meet with dozens of people (both in sessions and on the floor), take in quite a few sessions and keynotes, and even find time for a quick run. (P.S., there is no place to run at the Gaylord Opryland. There just isn’t. Full stop.)   

Here are a couple of the highlights I took away from the event.

Intelligent Growth

The topic on everyone’s minds was along the theme of the conference: intelligent growth. How do we grow our marketing programs in a way that makes sense and gets results? Should we be focusing on more or better?

A number of companies, regardless of industry, struggle to maximize the value of their existing assets. Should I create another blog post, or focus on making this one even better? Should I pass more leads to sales, or is there a way to make fewer leads better qualified?

One eye-popping stat from the conference was that prospects are now seeing 32% more B2B content than just two years ago.

How do you get your brand’s messaging to cut through the noise? How do we get prospects to care, pay attention, and buy? These are real challenges we all face.

SnapApp Customers out in Full Force

Eight companies were honored at the Summit with Return On Integration Awards for their achievement in either strong sales, marketing, or product alignment. SnapApp customer FIS was honored with an ROI Award for its operationalization and ongoing management of end-to-end marketing campaigns.

Colin Day, Vice President-Global Demand Center at FIS, gave a presentation at the Summit about his company’s transformation of its marketing infrastructure to scale marketing growth. I was extremely impressed with the amount of work they had on their hands to consolidate their systems and create a scalable platform. Congrats!  

Another SnapApp customer, Hyland, creators of OnBase, presented a case study with our CEO, Seth Lieberman, on the ways that the company has shrunk conversion times from both lead to qualification and from opp to close by using interactive content. [Read the full case study here]

According to Mike Lovett, demand programs specialist at Hyland, his company needed, among other things, to expand understanding of its leads for downstream marketing efforts. To solve that problem, Hyland investigated and eventually utilized interactive content.

They implemented maturity assessments, personality quizzes, and customer surveys on their site and at key industry trade shows to bring powerful qualification criteria further up the marketing lead funnel.

Now, when a prospect identifies as having a particular core financial system, these leads are pushed into a tailored nurture stream based on their answer.  As a result, Hyland experienced a 330% increase in click-to-open rates, significantly slashed prospect qualification time, and closed $250,000 in new bookings six times faster than it could have through traditional channels of marketing.

Is Your Customer Experience Losing You Business?

SiriusDecisions also used its platform at the Summit to present original research and potential room for improvement in the B2B customer experience. The company revealed a study indicating that 80% of buying decisions hinge on past customer relationships.

It was also found that less than half of B2B customers receive their expected value following the sale. Because of this lag in expectation vs. reality, only about 50 percent of customers indicate a desire to buy from their provider again.

I was really impressed with the level of insight presented in B2B Customer Experience: The Definitive Guide to What Matters by Meg Heuer, vice president of research at SiriusDecisions.


They described a funnel and persona approach to customers after the sale which resonated with me.  We rarely use the same pre-sales rigor to address personas and funnel stages for our customers. And, as the research shows, it’s critical.

Marketing Plan on a Page?


The picture says it all. Not necessarily new, but it was a very creative way to put together a marketing plan, and really stay laser focused on the points that matter the most.

Overall, it was a very successful event for SnapApp as well. I enjoyed meeting many of our prospects and customers in the booth and around the show. I am looking forward to next year’s already!


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