Anatomy of a SnapApp, Part 2: Promotion & Results of Our Thanksgiving Assessment

December 15, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

ThanksgivingBanner_M1.pngEarlier this month, we outlined our process behind planning, designing, and building our Thanksgiving Persona Assessment SnapApp.

This week, we’ll dive into the demand gen side: how we promoted the assessment and the results we achieved. 

Interactive content is powerful, but like any other form of content, its success or failure depends almost entirely on how many eyes you get on it. 

That being the case, distribution and promotion is a key step in the content marketing lifecycle – but it is sometimes treated like an afterthought. “Oh right! We have that new piece of content. I’ll promote it on Twitter. Now – back to whatever I was doing.” 

When it comes to content promotion, you should think about your options in three buckets: owned, paid, and earned. Here are some examples of each. 


  • your blog 
  • your social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest) 
  • your website 
  • your email list & newsletter 
  • content distribution sites & communities (Slideshare,, Scribd, Reddit,, Quibb, Quora,, DocStoc ) 


  • native advertising 
  • banner advertising
  • sponsored content 
  • content discovery services (Outbrain, Taboola, StumbleUpon)


  • news/industry blog articles & mentions
  • your customers’ channels
  • your employees’ channels 

A typical campaign will use a mixture of tactics from each of the three promotion categories – well-oiled machines might use every last one. 

Our Promotion Strategy 

For our Thanksgiving SnapApp, we wanted to reach as many people as possible. We believed that putting out an interesting piece of content would attract new leads and increase our brand reach. 

In order to get the maximum exposure, we chose a variety of promotion channels. We promoted the SnapApp on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (tapping our coworkers to post on their networks, as well), using both organic and paid social promotion. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.50.40 AM.png

Additionally, we wanted to nudge our current database closer to conversion, so we sent an email to our database, wrote a blog, and posted prominent call-to-action banners on our homepage and blog sidebar.  

This broad and targeted promotion approach allowed us to get more exposure than normal for one of our campaigns.


Our campaign achieved its goal of getting maximum exposure and attracting new engagement while promoting the brand. The personality assessment reached more than 1,000 impressions and generated a 77% click through rate, resulting in 65 leads.

Even with a skippable lead submission form, we achieved an 8% lead conversion rate. 

The campaign resulted in a number of new names and we saw many of our prospects score to move them down the lead funnel. More importantly, the SnapApp generated a ton of social buzz, particularly from industry influencers. Some of our highlights are below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.54.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.52.58 PM.png

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