Anatomy of a Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign

Anatomy of a Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign

There are many great Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns out there. Each February is a marketing love-fest.

But not every campaign hits the mark.

Especially in the B2B space, you have to get creative to cut through the noise and engage your audience.

So instead of bringing you yet another “5 billion examples of Valentine’s Day marketing” post, I’m going to show you three specific examples that really worked, open them up, and show you why they worked.

Our 3 Campaign Cadavers

To dissect and analyze popular Valentines’ Day campaigns, of course, it’s necessary to crack open a few of them and look at their guts (I know – I’m such a romantic).

We’ve cracked open 3 successful Valentine’s Day campaigns to see how they workTweet: We’ve cracked open 3 successful Valentine’s Day campaigns to see how they work @snap_app

Let’s take a closer look at their successes:

Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen has some of the most entertaining and accessible marketing around. Just check out their Twitter feed at @PilotPenUSA for inspiration galore.

From 2013 through 2016, however, Pilot took their marketing to a new level with an annual campaign that got their audience gushing over old-fashioned love notes.

The Pilot Love Guru campaign asked Pilot’s social media followers to do only one simple thing in order to participate: Share your valentine’s name with Pilot using the hashtag #PilotLoveGuru on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat.

Then, Pilot Love Gurus hand wrote a personalized love note and sent it to the recipient via the selected social network.

The result? Social media feeds filled with handwritten, hand-drawn love notes and many, many happy followers.



This content experience platform lives and breathes tailored content – so it’s no wonder their 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign included a truly creative content masterwork.


The company published this heartfelt slide deck on SlideShare, and as of this writing it has garnered almost 76,500 views.

The content of the deck itself is a stroke of genius. It uses the idea of how to build relationships with your customers, but puts a fun Valentine’s Day spin on the concept. The result is a unique piece of content that lived on well after the holiday was over.

Lattice Engines

Lattice Engines is a predictive marketing and sales analytics solution company. Most of us would think that is a rather dry subject – but their impressively creative marketing team turns the idea of B2B marketing being boring completely on its head.

One look through their wide selection of resources (click the Resources dropdown in the top navigation bar of their website), and you can tell this company has heart.

Lattice’s multimedia lead-scoring Valentine’s Day campaign is a great example of imagination in marketing.


This short, amusing video was combined with an email campaign with clever subject lines.


Campaign Cardiology

A successful Valentine’s Day campaign includes three components:

A successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign includes 3 important componentsTweet: A successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign includes 3 important components @snap_app

1. Strong visual elements

All of these examples stood out visually. It was clear that designers and other creative resources were actively involved in the creation of each campaign. These were not hastily written blog posts – these campaigns included professionally designed content, hand-drawn art, and even costumes.

2. A playful take on a commonplace concept

The campaigns above (and all the engaging campaigns I looked at as I was writing this article), connect back to Valentine’s day in an unusual way. They take concepts like lead scoring, marketing funnels, and writing a note, and playfully associate them with love … or in some cases, lust.

3. Interactivity

A successful campaign is anything but static. It gives the audience something to participate in, click on, click through, watch, share … interact with.

A successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign is all heart. It reflects the personality of the company, the creativity of the employees, and their dedication to loving their customers.

Moving beyond themed campaigns (kind of), you can find some great ways to improve your marketing practices by identifying what not to do with our upcoming webinar!




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