Announcing SnapApp's First Annual Customer Awards: The Snappys!

Announcing SnapApp's First Annual Customer Awards: The Snappys!

SnapApp customers make some pretty amazing things – and get pretty incredible results. From a choose-your-own-adventure game that gathered hundreds of leads within 24 hours to a March Madness-style bracket that drove an 800% increase in web traffic, the past year has been full of truly impressive interactive content marketing.

To date, we’ve celebrated our favorite customer creations in the examples gallery, SnapApp of the week, and case studies. But we thought to ourselves: what better way to showcase and celebrate the big wins our customers are creating with SnapApp than with a real award?

Introducing the Snappys

Our customers make creating interactive content look like a snap, but we know there’s so much more to it. We want to hear the stories behind creating that amazing calculator or benchmarking test. Was this a first for your marketing team? Was it so easy to create your boss thought you turned into a wizard?

The Snappys is an opportunity for all of our customers to be recognized for their greatness. Any SnapApp customer, big or small, can enter. Show us your stuff and apply for any and all of the Snappys you think your company deserves!


There are nine separate awards in this year’s Snappys. Read through the descriptions and choose the ones that match your marketing team – remember, it’s free to apply and you can apply for more than one.

1. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign: Cool-Cat Campaigner

Integrated marketing campaigns include at least 3 other assets, which can be independent or accessed from a SnapApp. Applicants should include any channels they leveraged and how the overall campaign affected your sales pipeline or qualified leads.

2. Best Marketing Automation Integration: Impressive Integrator

Explain how SnapApp helped your company get more from your existing marketing automation system. By integrating SnapApp to improve marketing performance, applicants should include if it changed the way you use marketing automation.

3. Best Results: Genius Generator

Results are critical for any campaign. Were your results measured by impressions, question completions, or lead generation? Show us how you used an individual SnapApp or campaign to get great results.

4. Best Content Engagement: Exquisite Engager

Tell us about your content performance and include any increase in click rates, question completion, conversation on social, and conversion rate. How did SnapApp help you get your content in front of more prospects?

5. Most Innovative SnapApp: Intelligent Innovator

Describe how you have been leveraging our latest SnapApp releases to make your SnapApps look beyond awesome. If you are using interactive video or using a certain content in an innovative way, be sure to apply!

6. Small Marketing Team Award (less than 3 SnapApp users): Small but Mighty

Tell us how your small team made the most out of SnapApp as a tool for marketers. Describe your team, their roles, and how you made SnapApp work for you to make your small team mighty!

7. Large Marketing Team Award (greater than 3 SnapApp users): Large and In Charge

Tell us how your large team worked together to make the most out of marketing with SnapApp. Describe how you have found success in a complex environment by dividing and conquering while using SnapApp. Applicants should explain any daily activities and personal roles that helped them to become large and in charge!

8. Best SnapApp Implementation: Incredible Implementer

You’ve had SnapApp for less than a year, but you have still managed to use it to get amazing results for your company. Applicants should explain how SnapApp has changed your marketing for the better over the past year.

9. SnapApp Customer of the Year (selected by the SnapApp team)

We have so many amazing customers, our team will be selecting the customer of the year based on a number of different criteria: results, content quality, number and variety of SnapApps created, creative use of the platform, and much more. We will announce the winner with other awards!

What Do I Win?

Besides the envy of all your peers and accolades from your executive team, you’ll win an actual, physical award you can keep on your desk. That’s a pretty great talking point when your coworkers stop by your office!

How to Enter

Go to and read up on the different awards. Choose the award(s) you want to apply for, gather any related materials (screenshots, charts, logos, etc), and fill out the corresponding SnapApp to apply.

Submissions are due September 19. Winners will be announced October 6.

Apply Now!