Answer the Question! 5 Minutes With SnapApp’s New Director of Content Strategy

January 18, 2017 | Dan Trefethen

With 2017 in full force, unwieldy and inescapable, we happily announce that SnapApp has a new Director of Content Strategy. Her name is Melissa Nazar, and she’s taking the reigns to ensure that we keep creating impactful and informative experiences for our modern marketing audience. 

Luckily for you, reader, we’ve gone and done a get-to-know-you Q&A with Melissa so that you can gain some insights into her background and thoughts on where B2B content is going this year.

Q. First thing’s first, coffee or tea?

Coffee. Definitely. And constantly. Though on occasion, if I’m feeling fancy, a chai tea will do the trick.

Q. What does your content road to this point look like? Where have you been, gotten lost, cruised through? That sort of stuff.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. That quickly changed when I realize that it wasn’t all just hanging out in outer space and that there was a lot of math and engineering involved. So, I decided I wanted to do something around writing or journalism. A very logical progression.

As a baby marketer, I grew up in public relations which I think helps a lot when it comes to content. What better test of a message’s value then trying to win the hearts and minds of the most cynical of audiences: reporters? Maybe even more valuable was the thick skin I developed after what seemed like a thousand or so hang-up calls when pitching the New York Times.

Through a few fits and starts through different marketing roles – and even a stint as a high school teacher (story for another post) – I found content marketing to be a natural fit for me. It’s the right mix of getting to be off-the-wall creative, balanced with finding ways to solve real business challenges.

Q. What’s the most exciting thing about leading a content team? (Especially for a content platform).

Who else gets to go to work and spend their time brainstorming crazy creative ideas? The fact that our world always requires a healthy dose of experimentation, trying out new things, keeps it super fun and interesting.

I also love the process of making ideas become a reality. The most fun I have is not when I’m the one who has the “a-ha” moment, but when I can help someone take a concept to an actual something.

Q. How often do you look at BuzzFeed? Be honest.

My friend just sent me a quiz called “what sandwich are you?” I got grilled cheese.

Q. What aspects of SnapApp most appealed to you?

The people sold me. I’m surrounded by a group of smart, dedicated colleagues (hi Dan!) all rallying around making SnapApp successful. It made it really easy for me to see it was the right opportunity for me to take the next step in my career.

Also, getting to market to marketers? It’s this crazy, Inception-like situation where I’m talking to myself.

The sweet office space didn’t hurt either. Snacks on snacks, and coconut water on demand? I’m in.

Q. In just a few words, maybe a sentence, how would you describe SnapApp’s company culture?

Young, fun, and ambitious.

Q. What do you see as the current obstacles for B2B content? What’s the future?

Too much of the same – boring, repetitive content that really doesn’t say anything useful. We’re all talking about “innovative, groundbreaking, best-in-class” solutions that we offer. I can’t help but roll my eyes… we need to get real about content (and marketing in general), stop producing content just for the sake of it, actually say something that matters and inspires conversations.

This doesn’t just apply to the messages we’re putting out there. It’s the format too. How many more 20-page white papers am I going to download to my laptop with every intention of reading? It’s tired. That’s part of what attracted me to SnapApp – how cool is it that I get to work somewhere where we’re all about helping marketers create better content?

Quick Fire Round

Q. Favorite travel destination?

Newport, RI is my go-to summer spot. For winter, Stowe, VT is a favorite.

Q. Last movie you really, really liked? We’re talking, a day has passed and you’re still thinking about it.

Zootopia. Yep.

Q. Last full album you got excited about?

Ace of Base, The Sign (on cassette).

Q. Extracurricular activities?

Watching Jeopardy, snowboarding, running, annoying my dog.

Q. Last book read?

Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan.

Q. Are we all hosts in a dystopian robot-populated world that initially started as an amusement park?

Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, Dan. I choose to see the beauty.




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