Are You in the Nation? Marketo’s Summit Goes to Sin City

Are You in the Nation? Marketo’s Summit Goes to Sin City

Are you in the Nation?” This will be a common term that will be heard around Las Vegas from May 9th-12th this year. Albeit, mostly screamed loudly from the lungs of Sanjay Dholakia – CMO of Marketo.

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit begins in just one week, and you’ll probably see your social media feeds turning a deep shade of purple because of it.

Marketo’s Summit brings together over 4500 marketers from all walks of life to one great location for four days of action-packed education sessions, training workshops, inspiring keynotes, and the opportunity to be a part of the largest community of marketers in the world.

With over 115 sessions, 100 sponsors, and 4500 people packed into MGM Grand – you may be wondering what this means for modern marketers? 

I’ll start with the Marketing Nation – the notion of a community of marketers banding together to be able to learn from one another and deliver better marketing experiences for all.

Marketo brought this idea to life a few years ago and it has continued to grow and grow now that Summit has been expanded from their usual “user event.” Which, in this marketers opinion, was the best idea they’ve had yet.

Heading into Summit, we all know that we’ll be blinded by purple and preached the good word of smart lists, and engagement marketing. But we’ll also be given the opportunity to learn from a vast variety different brands – both big and small, b2b and consumer marketing.

Here are a few of the things I’m most excited for as we prepare for Marketo’s big event.

1. Will Smith

I mean let’s just start here. Big Willie – the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – the man, the myth, the legend is a keynote speaker this year. Marketo has done a great job of providing inspiration with fantastic speakers.

Hillary Clinton spoke in 2014, and last year, Arianna Huffington graced us with her humor and finesse. She discussed the importance of work life balance – even comparing it to her fateful fall in her office where she almost bled to death (I encourage you to check out her book, Thrive).

And this year we are going to be given the opportunity to hear the Fresh Prince himself.

2. Marketing Nation Scavenger Hunt

SnapApp is running this program with a few of our partners in the Expo Hall. Events give marketers the opportunity to pair up with others in the industry (most of us being friends at this point) and bring together the best experience possible for the Summit attendees.

This year we have built a digital bingo card that will allow sponsors to travel to each of our booths, engage with us, and be entered to win one of 12 great prizes, the top prize being a $4,000 vacation package! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

3. Tomorrow’s Marketer

Theming your event is never an easy task. It can honestly go in so many different directions, and can be portrayed terribly by your audience.

Over the past few years we’ve been shown Innovation, and given the opportunity to be Inspired by the Nation. Neither of which proved disappointing. This year, Marketo is taking on the theme of “Tomorrow’s Marketer” which is something that I think resonates with this audience.

Marketers are constantly looking for the next trend, the next best technology to add to their stack – trying to figure out exactly how they can streamline their process to be the most sophisticated marketing program out there. Take a look at the agenda and see how you’ll become Tomorrow’s Marketer at this year’s Summit.

The Modern Marketing Community

The Marketing Nation Summit year after year has always been one of my favorite events, and yes if you look at my linkedin profile you will see why. But I promise there isn’t that much of a bias. MarketingProfs also does a fantastic job with their event. The main similarity that really speaks to me is the sense of community that is portrayed in the programs. You truly feel part of a tight knit group and everyone is there having fun. After all – we spend 60 hours a week working, why don’t we deserve a week with a great, talented group of people?

Check out how you can engage with SnapApp while you’re in Las Vegas next week for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit!


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