[ASSESSMENT] What’s Your True Marketing Persona?

[ASSESSMENT] What’s Your True Marketing Persona?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “lengthy lead form”?

I’m guessing that it’s not anything too positive. Maybe “sigh,” or “this again?” Or “yeah, right.”

When prospects come across lead forms, they are thinking the same things:

  • I don’t want to give out my information,
  • there are too many fields,
  • this is going to take too long,
  • etc.

So why are marketers gating their content time and time again with 15-field forms that ask prospects detailed and in-depth questions?

Importance of Lead Forms

As a marketer, I totally get that having the most information possible about a prospect is ideal – it helps us segment, nurture, and score leads. But aren’t we defeating the purpose of our lead forms if prospects aren’t even filling them out, or are filling them out with junk data? Only 38% of buyers “Always” provide the correct phone number in a lead form – that’s a lot of junk in your database.

How can marketers gather a ton of relevant prospect data while keeping their lead forms short? Interactive content.

Interactive Content is the Solution

Interactive content allows you to provide real-time feedback and value to prospects while you capture key buyer data from them in the process. It’s like placing a BDR directly into your piece of content – asking important questions and providing the prospect with key information, while giving the prospect a fun and engaging content experience.

Let’s Take a Step Back

It’s easy to point the finger at prospects and grumble about incomplete lead form data, but what do you do when you come across a lengthy lead form? Do you fill out all fields with correct information? Do you try to bypass lead forms altogether or enter gibberish? Or do you take the comic route and fill the form out with celebrity information? Take our assessment to find out your true marketing persona and get a copy of our Demand Gen Marketer’s Guide to Interactive Content!