3 B2B Marketing Personalization Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought Of

October 31, 2019 | Kirsten Lyons

Today, it’s more likely that your prospects will…

…than click through your generic banner ads.

Today’s buyers require content and campaigns that are relevant and valuable—generic ebooks and blanket outreach just don’t cut it, thanks to changes in B2B buying behavior

By creating content that is relevant and valuable through personalization, marketers can connect with prospects, and move them down the funnel to improve marketing ROI. 

But effective personalization goes beyond adding your prospect’s name to the greeting line of email outreach. See ideas to up your personalization game below.

Personalize content

Personalizing your content is a powerful way to set your solution apart from the competition. As buyers conduct increasing amounts of independent research throughout the buyers’ journey, content becomes even more important to help tell your company’s story and engage leads. 

Even if you don’t have the resources to create personalized content for every buyer persona, you can still meaningfully personalize the content experience you offer prospects.

B2B buyers overwhelmingly report that personalization is important in making purchase decision, but the areas of personalization preference (industry, company size, role) are often split evenly.  If you can’t make everyone happy with content creation at scale, consider your content organization approach:

This example from Snowflake shows how they reorganized their content to better meet the needs of prospects. By building a content experience centered around pain points instead of creating a new piece of content for every personalization avenue, they were able to engage 100% of their target accounts. 

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Personalize at the top of the funnel

Marketers often associate personalization efforts with middle of the funnel nurture efforts or bottom of the funnel content designed to push a prospect over the finish line. However, personalization can also improve the ROI on your to of the funnel activities like blog posts, and social media activity. 

While you might not be able to personalize the copy in every blog post or the content mix of your social feed for every visitor, there are ways to personalize the next steps at the top of the funnel. 

In this example, Nuxeo offers personalized blog content recommendations to visitors using AI.

Nuxeo’s content recommendations (seen to the right in the image above) resulted in a 34% lift in blog engagement (measured as views of 2+ blog posts), as well as a 2.4% decrease in bounce rate.

Even without AI, simply asking prospects questions within top of the funnel experiences can not only improve their experience, but offer further opportunities for lead qualification down the line. 

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Personalize your freemium model

Freemium” models, where users are offered a basic version of a service for “free” with the option to upgrade to a “premium” option, are popular with B2B and SaaS companies because of their efficacy in moving people through the bottom of the funnel.

Where a prospect is on their nonlinear buying journey may impact their motivation to engage with a free model they’re working within. However, marketers can combat this and maximize the effectiveness of a freemium model with personalization. 

In this example, the marketers at Brainshark kept prospects engaged and encouraged them to take full advantage of the free version or trial. Brainshark used general pop up messages like the ones below, as well as personalized messages based on the features users have previously interacted with.

By personalizing outreach within the freemium model, Brainshark reported sign-ups for their enterprise product increased by 150% as well as sales pipeline growth of over $1.1 million. 

Marketers can also personalize freemium models and offerings for prospects based on specific needs or priorities. By asking qualifying questions within demo requests or free trial sign ups, marketers can match leads with the right kind of free trial.

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Personalization is key for success in a B2B buying environment that is becoming increasingly difficult for buyers to navigate. By meaningfully personalizing at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, marketers can create a seamless buying experience that translates to real revenue for the business.

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