B2B Winter Marketing Campaign Ideas Guaranteed to Inspire

October 5, 2018 | Kirsten Lyons

Marketers often face a unique set of challenges in building an effective B2B winter marketing campaign. It’s no secret that it’s difficult to deliver holiday messages that usually resonate best with individuals, when most often today we are marketing and selling to a diverse buying committee, often with over 12 stakeholders.

And with long, complex sales cycles that are increasingly buyer-driven, it can be difficult to capitalize on the holiday feelings and general winter cheer that B2C marketers thrive on.

But with a little bit of creativity you can treat your buyers like people with real lives, and connect with them on the things that really matter in their lives: family, love, and celebration.

Your B2B winter marketing campaign brainstorm starts below — check out these ideas to jumpstart your festive planning.

Get Cozy

Effective winter marketing is all about building on warm sentiments already present during the winter months to create content that people want to engage with and feel connected to.

The transition from fall brings with it an air of excitment for everything from hot chocolate to the first snow. But from Diwalki to Ramadan, our audiences are diverse and look forward to many different celebrations during the winter months.

The added benefit of building your campaign around a more general sense of winter excitement is that you’re able to build on communal experiences without alienating parts of your audience that don’t identify with a particular holiday.

Need more inspiration?

We love this winter themed webinar campaign from Uberflip. Here you can see they set up their B2B winter marketing campaign around the idea of “warming up” prospects

See more

Here Uberflip themed the content that normally drives their campaign by connecting it to broader themes of winter with a webinar that they repurposed into a Slideshare (RIP), and then posted to their own content hub.

New Year, New You:

As B2B marketers we spend a lot of time thinking about how our complex field can better serve customers whose needs are as specific as ours.

All it takes is a quick google search to see that there are a nauseating number of blog posts from small companies to industry giants lamenting the future of business to business marketing.

And the same goes for many industries today with inflammatory headlines about X trend has ruined Y industry — so why not use the opportunity to create thought leadership content around New Year’s resolutions for your industry, or challenge your audience to do the same?

Some RESOLUTION-ary ideas for you:

Check out this infographic from ZoomInfo on New Year’s Resolutions for B2B marketing. This infographic is festive and seasonal in design that builds on feelings of excitement of prospects.

See their whole infographic here

The choice of creating a design-led infographic adds to the shareability of their b2b winter marketing campaign.

This infographic could also be supported by content that challenges your prospects to think about resolutions related to a specific pain point your ideal customer often vocalizes or create a campaign that centers around how your broader industry should resolve to do better in the upcoming year, like Zoominfo did here.

Think beyond Christmas

Your winter marketing shouldn’t end at a warm end-of-year email from your CEO to your database, or even worse,  a shoddy christmas marketing campaign that won’t break through the thousands of big budget campaigns you are competing with.

Why not consider a more obscure holiday to own more share of voice, and inject a little bit of humor into your winter marketing?

Free inspiration

We love this campaign idea from Goldsilver.org that takes holiday marketing to the next level. This campaign goes far beyond a themed email with their recent GroundHog’s day campaign.

The team at goldsilver let the Puxatawny Phil’s shadow dictate whether they would be offering a substantial 6% sale on either gold, or silver!

-GoldSilver.org spokesperson Maria Martin, source

Consider driving a campaign where both you, AND your prospects have to wait for an answer to drive engagement with your offer!

Let’s get festive

Winter marketing campaigns can be difficult to get off of the ground, but we hope some of these ideas sparked the planning process for you. Still brainstorming new ideas for your winter campaigns? Share what you’re thinking in the comments!

If one of the ideas here resonated with you and you’re looking for some structure to get started, download our Reason for the Season marketing guide to help you get your next festive campaign off the ground.

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