Boost Advertising Conversion Rates: How Interactive Content Earns Audience Attention

June 21, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

It’s the catch 22 of modern advertising – advertisers want people to see their ads, but people don’t want ads to get in the way of what they want to see. Even when ads appear in front of the right people, addressing the right value points, and using the most relevant messaging, the fact that the kind of content people are seeing is an ad can completely nullify all the expressed benefits. Today, to actually convert people, ads need to follow a more hospitable model than an intrusive one. Effective ads actively cater to viewer needs, interests, and channel preferences, and one of the most effective ways to serve up ads in this manner is with interactive content.

advertisingThe Ad Interstitial as an Exchange:¬†One advertising tactic that has stood the test of time is sponsorship. When something enjoyable is brought to you by a product or service, that product or service gains your appreciation – even if it’s only a fleeting thought. With interactive content, enjoyable experiences can be seeded with ad interstitials to indicate that the advertising brand or company is affiliated. What’s more, because interactive content renders in whichever channel the viewer decides to engage, there’s no modal disruptive page, or confusing link out. It’s a seamless, native advertising presentation that can be completely controllable by the end viewer.

Get Viewers Active or Actively Thinking: It’s not always wise to take business tips from cartoons, but in the classic Bugs Bunny vs Daffy Duck scenario, all it takes is a little heated yet tactical interaction, and you end up with a duck advocating for duck hunting. The principal works well for comedy, but in professional practice, it is actually extremely effective to get people taking a number of other, seemingly unrelated actions in order to drive toward one desired end action. Using quizzes or personality tests, for example, advertisers can get people clicking to completion at a rate of 85% or better in order to drive toward a desired advertisement and/or resulting conversion. What’s more, with subtle themes working within the engagement, advertisers can help guide the viewer’s thought process to a more receptive state. If, for example, a travel company was looking to promote packages for specific locations, getting viewers to consider the delicious food, spectacular sights, or unique experiences tied to the location packages, when it comes to clicking through on the ad, or signing up in a form, the wheels are already turning in the right direction.

Opt-In Advertising Campaigns: Along with directly hosting ads, interactive content can also be used to drive signups for viewers to receive newsletters, email updates, and other marketing communications which can be seeded with or serve as native advertisements. Consistently, interactive content containing signup forms averages an 80% signup rate or better. That means that not only will more people end up disclosing contact or lead information, it also means that the contacts receiving follow-up communications are actually aware and receptive of the messages you intend to send.

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