[Bracket] The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet: Who Survived the Final Four?

[Bracket] The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet: Who Survived the Final Four?

Round 2 of The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet has come to a close.

What is this? It’s our own March Madness bracket to settle an internal debate the erupted over which internat animal would win a popular election.  

The competition has been steep with upsets knocking out top seeds in round 1. The Final Four was a close battle for each competitor.

Let’s look at who got eliminated in the earlier rounds before revealing the two championship contenders.

Round 1

  • #8 Koala
  • #3 Sloth
  • #7 Red Panda
  • #4 Goat

Round 2

In the stand offs of the Final Four, these two little underdogs didn’t make it.

#6 Penguin


The run ends here, penguins. Quite a showing. We know, somewhere, Morgan Freeman is narrating your outstanding efforts.

#5 Quokka


My personal favorite, I was really rooting for this friendly little marsupial. Regardless of not winning the championship, I will continue to search “Quokka selfie” when I need a lift in spirits.

The Final Two

We predicted it. The two highest ranked seeds are squaring off. A battle as old as pets themselves.

#1 Cat


#2 Dog


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