Build Your Marketing Technology Stack at the 2016 MarTech Conference

March 15, 2016 | Dan Trefethen

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It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m feeling lucky – lucky that one of my favorite marketing technology conferences is kicking off next week! 

MarTech is one of the few vendor-agnostic marketing technology conferences in the country, giving attendees a unique perspective on the ever-changing world of MarTech. I love meeting marketers and IT specialists of all shapes and sizes who share a passion for the rapid pace of change in our industry.

It’s true, MarTech (both the category and the event) can feel a bit overwhelming. Over the past few years we’ve seen the landscape of marketing technologies explode – with so many options, how is a marketer supposed to know what technologies are right for their company

The creation of a company’s marketing technology stack takes time and diligence. Understanding how the available tools fit together and “speak” to one another to drive business forward is the first step.

Companies like MarketoOracle Eloqua, and Salesforce recognize this and have done a great of job empowering marketers to be able to accomplish this creation with ease. For example, Marketo’s Launchpoint ecosystem was created to highlight all of the technology partners who have created (or plan to create) strong API connections into the Marketo interface. 

SnapApp of course is one of those technologies, giving marketers the power to create engaging interactive experiences for their audience that fuel marketing automation solutions with rich lead data. 

To better navigate and discover new marketing tools during your MarTech experience, here are a three great sessions that will help make the most of your trip to San Francisco. 

1. Monday – 10:55-11:20 – Marketing Technology to Enable Customer Obsession with Rohit Prabhakar. 

Customer obsession is one of the top marketing agenda items for 2016. 

A handful of the many ingredients that enable customer obsession include: marketing technology, people, processes, and a strong change management program. 

Rohit will share insights into how McKesson is making this happen using a center of excellence, martech infrastructure, strong collaboration across all business units/corporate functions and a program to enable the marketers in the digital age.

2. Monday – 3:25 – 3:50 – The Omni-Channel Reality with Marketing Technology & Integrated Experience Planning with Mayur Gupta

There is no doubt that we are now living in a consumer-led era. Individuals demand the most immersive “omni-channel” experiences that are personalized, relevant, seamless, and also get them what they need even before they know they need it. 

Whether they’re transacting in retail, finance, travel, real estate, or now even healthcare, consumers see no difference in those verticals and expect the same class of experience, value, and storytelling.

Despite this obvious fact, most of us as brands and marketers continue to struggle in delivering that promise and expectation; primarily due to fragmentation within the entire ecosystem. 

The omni-channel reality connects consumer behavior across your tech stack through data, content, and a planned integrated experience.

The brands that are able to connect the fundamental pieces with an experience planning process will succeed in driving behavioral change; the rest will unfortunately deliver broken experiences at best.

3. Tuesday – 2:10 – 2:35PM – Taming Content Chaos: Solving the $958M Marketing Problem with Mary Dalton

In order to tackle content chaos — both internally and externally — marketers need a more efficient way to manage the content production process. As a result, they spend less time putting out fires and more time building and tracking strategic, integrated marketing campaigns that drive actual revenue.

In this presentation, Mary will share the five tactics that helped Zurich launch over 1,700 pieces of content and 137 campaigns in just six months, and the technology that helped her get there. From establishing workflow strategies to cross-departmental visibility and collaboration, you will learn how to establish an efficient marketing content production process.

It’s certainly going to be an action packed two days. Having said that, I definitely recommend getting into the city a day early, if you can swing it. San Francisco is one of the Top 10 cities in North America and in my opinion has some of the most gorgeous views surrounding it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this blog of the top 10 things to do in San Francisco. 

Want to learn more about SnapApp’s interactive content marketing platform while you’re in town? 

Make sure to stop by Booth 303 to learn how we can take your MarTech stack to the next level.

And when you’re putting together your calendar for the event, make sure to join us on Monday 3/21 for lunch when our SVP of Marketing, Aaron Dun, will present Marketing on Fleek: 5 Characteristics of Confident Marketers. It’s going to be awesome! 



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Don't get left out. Subscribe to our blog and always be in the know.