C2C 2015 Recap: The Importance of Listening

February 26, 2015 | snap_press | Link

Last week, the SnapApp team was in Scottsdale, Arizona at the DemandGen Report B2B Content2Conversion conference and agreed it was definitely not one to be missed! Not only was the Arizona sun a great escape from the Boston snow, but the two days were filled with engaging and enlightening sessions by talented, inspiring speakers.

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Throughout all of the sessions, attendees learned how to improve their demand gen and marketing campaigns through engaging content.

Create Conversations with Content

Our CEO, Seth Lieberman, spoke on the importance of listening and advised the audience on how to create conversations through their content.

How does he suggest doing that? Paying attention to what your audience is doing, saying, and thinking.

As marketers, the only job we truly have is to deliver value to their audience. And in order to deliver relevant and engaging value, marketers need to “wallow in the data” created by their buyers and start paying attention to digital body language.

Use Listening to Find Out What Your Audience Really Wants

If we’re not paying attention to what our audience is doing, saying, and thinking, how do we know what they want? How do we know we’re delivering the right content to the right person at the right time?

The truth is, we can’t know for sure without listening. The most successful marketers today will be the ones that start listening and taking action against what they hear. 

Here’s Seth’s quick-start guide to getting started with listening:

1. Identify your listening targets

What can you hear that will really move the needle for your company? Whether it’s pageviews or clickthroughs, know what buyer behavior matters to you.

2. Get the right tools

There are a ton of tools out there to listen, from Google Analytics to Facebook and Twitter. Match your listening targets to the right kind of technology so you can listen appropriately.

3. Wallow in the data

What’s it telling you? What’s it trying to tell you that you aren’t noticing? Ideally, you could set up structured data sets and do some serious data analysis to identify unique, powerful insights based on what you’re hearing. But that’s more of an Advanced Listening topic.

4. Test, test – but don’t over test

You’ll want to make changes against what you hear and see what resonates. Just don’t get caught up in testing and stop actually listening. Take a look from the right distance after a test to find out what really worked and what didn’t.

5. Scale

Now that you’ve conquered listening for one thing or a small set of things, get ready to scale. The more you can listen and make data-driven decisions based on what you hear, the more success you’ll find.

Curious how you could listen with the SnapApp platform? Schedule a demo!


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