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July 31, 2015 | Caitlin Smith | Link

You asked. We answered!

If there’s one thing we love on the SnapApp Product team, it’s questions and feedback! We are always eager to know your favorite features, how your SnapApp workflow could be improved, and what may be causing confusion in the product. Positive or negative, it’s your feedback that provides us the most value when making decisions to improve SnapApp.

This week we want to share some customer questions that can hopefully help you, too. Not only that – we’ll give some insight into how your suggestions help influence the product.

Can I have users email me from within a SnapApp?

Yes! We offer mailto functionality that lets you configure any textbox or image to open the user’s email dialogue box when clicked to send a new email.

To add this, simply click the desired asset and click the hyperlink icon in the Formatting Bar:


In the URL field that opens, enter “mailto:” and then the email address you want to receive the message.


When the user clicks that asset in the live SnapApp, it will look like this:


How often are leads pushed to my marketing automation system?

SnapApp pushes lead data every five minutes, regardless of its destination. If your SnapApp has required questions and one was not answered, SnapApp waits 30 minutes to deliver the lead. This is to ensure that the user completely stopped engaging with the content and wasn’t just taking a break. After 30 minutes, the lead will deliver to whichever destination you have selected.

Is there a limit to the number of entries for a Contest?

Not at all! We hope you get the most possible entries for your Contest and do not restrict it in any way. There is an option to limit how many entries are shown to voters in the Gallery portion of a Contest. This setting is located on the Voting-Gallery page, in the configuration menu:


By default we set it to show 100 entries, but you can adjust it to your preference. You can also turn off pagination if you’d rather show all entries on this one page and scroll through them.

I chose the wrong content type. Do I have to start over?

This was such a common question from customers that we added a new feature this summer to let you convert an existing SnapApp to a different content type. Styled a Trivia quiz and then realize the questions work better as an Assessment? Not a problem! Do you love the look of your Bracket and want to use it as a template for all your SnapApps? You can convert it and clear the content, leaving you with a design template.

This tool is located on the main page of your SnapApps.


Click “copy” under the SnapApp you want to copy and set your preferences for it on the next window.


We want to hear from you!

The new “copy and convert” tool is just one of many examples of client feedback leading to improvements in the product. The following features are a few we’ve implemented this year because of feedback we heard directly from clients:

  • Opacity capability for any image, along with border tools and shapes.
  • Our whole product redesign! While that was on our roadmap, it was moved up to the start of this year due to the urgency we heard from clients.
  • Restricting a SnapApp for ages 13, 18, and 21 wasn’t helpful for our international customers who have different laws. With our upcoming release you’ll be able to restrict a SnapApp for any age.

Send us a note at and let us know your ideas! Or, fill out this SnapApp:

We’re looking forward to it!

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