Content Converts People – A C2C Conference Recap

May 8, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

During the past two days, the SnapApp team was in attendance at the DemandGen Report’s Content2Conversion conference in New York. The two days were filled with dynamic speakers and topics, but one theme stood above the rest: B2B marketers need to stop trying to force the sell and treat their prospects like people. SiriusDecisions also makes note of this major B2B theme. Today’s content marketing and technologies should support a move towards audience-centric content in order to  fuel better marketing. Why? When you meet someone for the first time, you slowly get to know them. You ask lots of questions to figure out what they like and see what common interests you have. Over time, you slowly start to hang out with them more, and eventually a friendship develops. Yet, many B2B marketers jump to being “best friends” with someone after hello. It doesn’t work in the real world like that, so it won’t work in B2B marketing.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Prospects

It’s easy to get excited by early stage prospects, but don’t scare them away. Engage in a conversation and then nurture them with content that is meaningful based on the conversation. Ask yourself: how do you know what type of information is valuable to a new prospect if you don’t create a two-way conversation? Figure out ways to open a line of communication with your prospects. You can do that by using small, digestible content experiences (like polls or surveys) early to create engagement and open a dialogue with your audience. Interactive content is also a great tool to exchange information with your prospects.

Understand the Buyer’s Journey

Aligning the right type of content to your buyer stages and personas is key to driving continued value. Empathize with your buyers and think about THEIR needs and anticipate what would make their life easier at each stage. Don’t push your message to them; be a trusted advisor. To do that, you may need to spend more time on ideation and if you’re limited on resources, focus on a few things and do those well. Here’s the other fun part – don’t let technology stop your content creation momentum. Find partners that help you grow your content marketing so you can continue to deliver fun, engaging experiences to your audience.

Taking these lessons home, what will be the first steps you take in creating content that converts?

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