Cool New Stuff in SnapApp’s August Release

August 14, 2015 | Greg Achenbach

Our August release went live on Monday, so let’s take a minute to talk about what’s new.

As you may remember, we launched a complete product redesign in the spring. Since that launch, we’ve received lots of great feedback from our clients. After going through this feedback in detail, we decided to focus this release on usability.

This blog will cover a quick summary of the highlights – you can always find the full details in the SnapApp Knowledge Base.

No More Vertical Scrollbar 

Having a hard time getting rid of those pesky scrollbars? We’ve implemented a new feature that lets you turn off vertical scrolling.

LockBorder.gif LockBorder2.png

Improved Image Uploading

We’ve reduced the time for uploading, replacing, and viewing images in your SnapApp by adjusting the workflow for the image upload tool.


Damage Control

Exit the Builder without saving changes? Accidentally delete an element from the canvas? We’ve heard this story one too many times, so we’ve implemented some stop-gaps to help prevent you from having an “oops” moment.

We now launch confirmation messaging both when you exit the Builder and when you choose to delete an element to ensure you’re not about to do something you might regret.



Age Gate Expansion

For all our international customers, the age settings on the age gate tool can now be customized for any age (not just 13, 18, and 21).


Platform Updates

The “Global Settings” menu in the navigational bar is now named “Templates”. The table on the SnapApps tab now includes a “Created” column so you can sort content by the date it was created, not just when it was last edited.


We’ve also added a “Tags” section to the SnapApp info modal so you can see tags added from the Builder.


That’s it!

Have questions, comments or feedback? Want to know what we’re planning for the rest of the year? As always – we’d love to hear from you. The SnapApp product team is holding monthly office hours where you can speak with us directly. We’ll give participants an advance look at what we’re working on and answer any questions you may have. Our next session is Tuesday, August 25th. Join here!

product office hours callout.png

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