Create Jaw-Dropping, Personalized Interactive Experiences With SnapApp's Spring Release

Create Jaw-Dropping, Personalized Interactive Experiences With SnapApp's Spring Release

These days, marketers are on the hook to create a steady flow of interesting content that not only delivers results quickly, but shines in the process and speaks to their audience. Our Spring Release aims to help.

Build It Beautiful

We’ve heard time and time again that one of the biggest challenges to creating a great piece of interactive content is finding the design resources to make it beautiful. “I don’t have time to figure out how this should look.” “I just need some inspiration to get me started.” Sound familiar?

That’s why we built Launchpad, an all new interface to jump-start your build with a stunning theme and layout.

Select a content type, browse our themes (more on the way soon!), then select a layout that matches your needs. You can use the preview pane to get a quick glimpse of your new SnapApp as you make changes. (Don’t worry, for those who love a blank canvas, that option remains available).


Curious to see how your new app will function in the wild? Once you’ve locked in a type, theme, and layout you like, simply click the live preview button to take it for a test drive. 

You’ll notice each theme comes complete with page transitions and animations already applied, saving you from spending valuable time figuring out the finishing touches. 

When you’re ready to start your build, click the create button and we’ll generate a fresh app in the builder from your selections. Want to make changes to your chosen theme? No problem. Theme apps are no different from any other SnapApp, so everything you see can be customized 100% to your liking.


“Ok, this is great and all but my SnapApps need to match my brand guidelines so those themes won’t work for me.” Lucky for you the next phase of Launchpad is the option to create your own. If you have a minute, we’d love to hear your thoughts on custom themes in this quick survey. 

Speak to Your Audience

Now that you’ve got a great-looking piece of content, our Personalization tools can help it speak to your audience. Using either Smart Text or Smart Rules, you can cater any SnapApp to the individual interacting with it.

Smart Text allows you to personalize any line of text with audience data you’ve already collected. Smart Rules lets you determine what gets shown to each participant as they interact with your SnapApp. You can utilize a wide range of known values including lead data, prospect data from your marketing automation database, answer options selected during the SnapApp, results received, and more. 


With Personalization, every experience can be customized for the right person at the right time, generating more and better quality leads. Take a quick spin through the below app to see how we can personalize the experience for you.

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