Create More of the Right Content Experiences With Interactive Content

Create More of the Right Content Experiences With Interactive Content

In my role as the head of the customer success program here at SnapApp, I talk to a lot of customers struggling with the same question: should I create more content, or better content?

A recent post on the BuzzSumo blog argued that the future of content is more content. Others in the content marketing community are pushing for less but higher-quality content.

When it comes to interactive content, it’s not a question of less or more – it’s about producing a variety of options for your buyer to experience, engage with, and respond to. 

You need to understand what your different buyer personas will respond to, and experiment with different ways to engage them. 

Think of how you run your other marketing activities. You probably wouldn’t bet your entire email strategy on a single email to your entire database: you’d segment, and personalize, and tailor each email to the right audience. Interactive content is the same way.  

SnapApp customers I work with are finding the most success when they carry interactivity all the way through their engagements with buyers. For example, Paycor (makers of cloud-based HR solutions software) guided their buyers from top to bottom of the funnel with a series of resources aligned around changes to the Department of Labor regulations. Ultimately, that strategy drove thousands of users to engage with their content and set appointments to speak with Sales.

Whether fun personality quizzes to share on Facebook or in-depth ROI calculators used during the sales process, interactivity is amplifying impact and improving experiences every step of the way.

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That’s why I encourage our customers to think in terms of hits, not just home runs. Imagine you put out 10 interactive experiences. Most of those will yield a few dozen or 100 leads – but one or two will be sleeper hits that generate 2-3 times that amount. You can then double down on those wins and scale to 5-10x impact. That’s a much more effective approach than putting out a single epic asset and hoping it gets you to 1,000. As they say, “hope is not a strategy”!

“Hope is not a strategy” – think in terms of hits, not just home runs @Snap_AppTweet: “Hope is not a strategy” – think in terms of hits, not just home runs @Snap_App

Is there a chance you’ll create a content asset so amazing it goes viral and generates thousands of conversions every month? Of course. But for most marketing teams, the odds are too risky. You need to get up to bat more than once to find the home run.

“But Renee,” you say, “How can my team create more content? We’re already strapped for time as it is!”

There are several ways to stretch your content creation time and budget further. We talk a lot about creative repurposing and turning pillar assets into multiple related pieces.

What you may not know is the SnapApp team is also set up to help you create interactive content through App Architecting Services.

App Architecting Services

Our team of dedicated designers and content specialists is on hand to help you multiply your content output.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You have an idea for a piece of interactive content. You’ve thought about where in the funnel it will impact and who your target audience is. Someone on your team (or agency) with design chops has set up a rough mockup of the asset.
  2. The SnapApp services team builds the app based on the content and design you provide.
  3. The SnapApp team tests the app to ensure performance across browsers and devices, then delivers the final version of the app into your account.
  4. Your team tests the app on your side as well to make sure it works properly in the final live environment; SnapApp team makes adjustments as needed.

What does app architecting mean for you? You’ll be able to quickly turn out more content, based on exactly what your campaign needs to engage your audience. Spend more time coming up with great ideas for content and less time in the trenches.

On top of that, you’ll have the experts on hand for any questions you might have. The SnapApp team will work with you every step of the way to maximize the features of the SnapApp platform and build the best, most engaging version of the experience you want to create.

Sound like fun? Or a life-saver?! Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you!

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