Creativity in Content Marketing: How to Unlock the Necessary Spark for Success

February 7, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

What makes content marketing effective? Is it the technology? Is it the “virality” of social sharing? Is it the focus on delivering value? Is it the appeal to human nature and emotions?

To be blunt, it’s all of the above — under the umbrella of creativity.

Well-executed content marketing campaigns that deliver the desired results take all the tactical appeals and components necessary for meeting business objectives and wrap them up in creatively packaged ways. The challenge many content creators face, however, is how to structure complex, cross-channel, or multifaceted initiatives while still incorporating the necessary spark of creativity required for compelling content.

Essentially, it’s the clash of the analytical mind with the creative mind. So how do marketers and content creators drive measurable business results while still harnessing the immeasurable power of creativity? Effort-Inspiration Equation

Balance the Effort / Inspiration Equation

It’s pretty basic: The more effort it takes to make something work, the less room there is for excitement or inspiration in the process. All too often, the technical coding or web development aspects that marketers or content creators must consider to creatively take their content to the next level stifles or restricts their thought process.

Adding interactivity to content through polls, surveys, quizzes, contests or other engaging applications rarely gets considered when development skills or costs are a barrier. When the technical barriers are removed, however, the effect is transformational.

Case in point, in this fun, yet tactical quiz about the children of celebrities embedded directly on a webpage, Mom365 creates an enjoyable experience for their audience, while still, from a business standpoint, serving up valuable ad refreshes for every click through the quiz.

Simplify Distribution and Logistics

The content you create is only as good as the location where people can experience it. The problem, however, is that the content suited for one channel may not be formatted correctly for another.

A landing page may render properly on a computer, but what about on a mobile device? Can the content be embedded on Facebook, shared on Twitter, or pinned on Pinterest?

Getting lost in the nitty-gritty world of content distribution can muddle even the most creative mind. On the other hand, though, when content is pre-formatted for true cross-channel distribution and engagement, there’s a lot less to worry about and a lot more room for creativity. 

Luxury Link Pinterest Contest

Take the Empire State Buildings color selection initiative, for example. Although anyone in New York City could see the actual colored lights on the building, getting people to vote for their favorite color option was a challenge. With SnapApp’s true-cross channel distribution and mobile optimization however, people could find their way to the building’s app and easily weigh in.

Recycle or Reimagine What Already Works

It takes a lot of time to create a compelling visual, an informative paper, or a stirring presentation. When content goes beyond its normal shelf life, however, it’s all too easy to let the content fade away or be forgotten – despite all the effort and creativity invested in it.

Interactivity, though, can be a fountain of youth, of sorts, for your content, and by easily incorporating it into new programs or initiatives, you can effectively reuse older yet still valuable content.

Essentially, it’s boosting an already creative piece with an additionally creative revitalization. A great example of this is what Luxury Link did in their Build Your Snow-Board Pinterest Contest which just launched today. As you can see, Luxury Link is leveraging the rising popularity of Pinterest, the natural creativity of avid snowboarders, and the appeal of a luxury vacation to drive engagement, email signups, and audience growth for their own networks as well as those for their partner, Hotel Jerome.

Through the interactions, and submissions of contestants, Luxury Link can be sure to keep traffic and content flowing to their web and social channels — all of which ensures older content still gets new views and exposure.  

Thanks to the SnapApp Marketing Platform, Mom 365, the Empire State Building and Luxury Link were able to use their creativity to drive meaningful business results. To find out how you can use SnapApp to ignite your own marketing or content creation efforts, contact us today!

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Creativity in Content Marketing: How to Unlock the Necessary Spark for Success

| SnapApp Marketing

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