How to Use Demo Requests to Qualify Leads

September 17, 2019 | Kirsten Lyons

Marketers are working hard today to not only generate leads, but to get quality leads over the finish line to sales to become customers.

It’s no shock that marketers are so focused on optimizing conversion opportunities, as 68% of cite goals directly tied to sales and revenue as their top priority for the next six months. 

Contact and demo request forms are two of marketers’ best performing lead generation assets, but a large percentage of the submissions are junk leads—looking for support or general info, but not necessarily ready to buy.

However, marketers can optimize their demo request process to sift out leads displaying buying intent from the rest of the pack simply showing interest. By building qualification factors into these high performing assets to learn more about their audience, marketers can disqualify junk leads faster and prioritize the leads displaying buying intent.

In the following webinar we’ll explore how to take your forms and demo requests from basic conversion opportunities to lead qualification engines. 

You’ll learn…

  • How question-based interactions engage prospects and empower sales
  • Why adding this strategy to high converting assets is important
  • How to turn simple forms into lead qualification tools


Ready to take the next step in capturing and qualifying leads? Explore our guide to improving lead qualification by engaging your prospects in the qualification process here.

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